Last month we sent a team of 17 people to Casa Del Pastor in San Vicente. Our mission was to complete building improvements, provide medical relief and training to some of the women who currently live there.

Many of the facility rooms were lacking insulation in the roof which left the rooms too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Our team was able to add

framing, insulation and ventilation in amajority of the current facilities as well as build a new sleeping room, a sewing room and a classroom. God provided all the materials and we were able to complete twice as much as expected at half the estimated cost!

A group of gifted volunteers also provided medical care to the children housed there, including physicals and medical treatment to those in need of it.

A sewing class was also taught to the women who currently call Casa Del Pastor home in hopes of helping them not only care for themselves but provide sewing services to others as an income.

It is our hope to continue Gods work in the coming months by sending another team to complete more construction and training.  Please pray about being a part of the ongoing work God is doing at Casa Del Pastor.