2018 Haiti Mission: Meet Christin!

Hi, my name is Christin.  I was attending CCPV before my dad became its pastor. I moved to Denver, CO in 2014 with my husband Geoff and we attend Calvary Belmar in Lakewood. Currently, I work as the missions coordinator for CCPV and my husband and I are also youth leaders with Calvary Belmar's junior and senior high school ministry. We are lucky to have two home churches instead of just one. We also volunteer with Colorado's Collaborative Foster Care System working with kids in foster care as well as annual trips to Tanalian Bible Camp in Port Alsworth, Alaska to work with Alaska's at risk youth.

This will be my second trip to Haiti. I went last year and was moved by what God is doing there. God opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on missions. It wasn’t my job to bring Jesus to the people of Haiti. It wasn't my job to feed them or heal them. Jesus was already there doing those things. He sent me to be a connection and to show them Jesus' love so that they see the work he is already doing in their lives and in their communities.

I am excited to be the team leader this year but I pray that I step out of the way of what God wants to do and let him be the true leader of the team. I am excited to be going back with Katie and Maltresa. We formed a special bond working together last year and it is comforting knowing that we already make such a great team. My husband will be joining me this year too which is such an incredible blessing.  Having a spouse who loves to serve God with me is an answer to my prayers.

I ask for prayer for our team to act as one cohesive unit and that the Holy Spirit would be the driving force behind everything we do. I pray that none of us go in there thinking we know what's best or to empower ourselves but that we instead empower others so that they may better serve their community. I ask for personal prayers that God gives me wisdom and strength to face any challenge in a way that glorifies him. Please pray that we do not let any opportunity to be God's servants and that we will be a true example of His love for the world.  

It isn't for us to ask what God's plan is four our lives but to ask how we can be a part of God's plan to save the world.

What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building. - 1 Corinthians 3:5-9

2018 Haiti Mission Final Countdown: T Minus 24 Days


We have a little less than a month before we leave for Haiti on October 12th. We have one more fundraiser this Sunday the 23rd and then final preparations begin.

Soon we will begin purchasing supplies for two VBS days with community feedings after VBS is over. We will also be providing and installing ceiling fans and securities lights at the new school, painting the interior of completed dorm rooms and finalizing construction on their chicken coop. There is lot’s to get finished before our departure. Please be in prayer as we purchase and prepare all the supplies to fly with us.

Throughout the coming weeks we will be introducing our Haiti team. Please take the time to get to know them and their personal prayer requests as the prepare both physically and spiritually for our ten day mission to Haiti. After our departure keep an eye out for our daily blog posts to stay up to date on how the team is being used by God and how to continue to pray for them during their time in the Port Au Prince area.

Watch our recap video from 2017 for more information on Haiti and the ministry of Cross to Light.

Our 2018 Haiti Mission is a GO!


Five volunteers have signed up and purchased tickets for our trip to Haiti in October. There are still open places (at current airfaire prices) available.

Please begin praying for our team as they raise money and prepare spiritually for the trip.

Maltresa Neely
Katie Arnales
Jacob Bornmann
Geoff Burkhart
Christin Cordova-Burkhart

We will continue to publish updates as we get closer so check the Haiti Mission Blog for more information.

Haiti Mission: Thank You and Mission Video

On behalf of the CCPV Haiti team we want to thank everyone at Cross to Light in both the US office and in Haiti for your assistance and hospitality.

We want to extend a special thanks to Pastor Brian for igniting a fire in our hearts for Haiti and Brandy Lee, Cross to Lights US coordinator. We are blessed by your diligence and hard work handling all the details to make this trip happen. 

Thank you also to Pastor Rajive, Mickie and Michelle. We know you are a vital part of the work being done in Haiti. The light of Jesus Christ shines bright within you all and we are inspired and blessed by each of you.

We also want to thank all the staff and security team at Cross to Light for keeping us safe and showing us what a servant's heart looks like. In all the hustle and bustle of ministry it is easy to forget that there are people cooking and cleaning and watching over us as we sleep but we appreciate all you did to make our stay in Haiti comfortable and safe.

God Bless you all and we will see you in 2018!

With love and hope in Him who sends us,

The CCPV Haiti Mission Team

Haiti Mission Day 10: A Unified Team, The People of Haiti & Saying Goodbye

A missions team can be made or broken by the trials faced in the field. Close living quarters, lack of sleep, culture stress and the heat and humidity as well as the spiritual stress of seeing the kind of poverty and tragedy that you don't see in the US can all contribute to the degradation of a mission team. Our team was made up of volunteers from five different churches who all came together in unity in Jesus Christ. We tackled each new day with no personal agendas but only the desire to bless one another and share the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Haiti. Each of us put on the armor of Christ each day and stepped out of our comfort zone. For some of us that was communicating without having a language in common, or traveling through areas that would be considered unsafe or unsanitary by American standards. For others it was being away from home and their loved ones or not having the security we have back in the states as we travel around.

Each team member brought valuable gifts to the table was an integral part of the mission's success. Experience with children and VBS programs, medical experience, and construction and electrical knowledge were just as vital as the gifts of prayer, wisdom, gentleness and compassion embodied by each team member. God took a group of strangers and created a harmonious team of soldiers prepared to step into the unknown to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.' - Matthew 25:23


The culture in Haiti varied in small ways from place to place. Some were more shy or less likely to agree to being photographed while others were more outgoing and approached us and asked to be in photos and were excited to view the results. With political unrest in the city the tension was high as protesters congregated and crowded the streets. In the country the atmosphere was more relaxed and slow. Cows and horses roamed through rice fields and homes were spaced out.  However, we found that most people were consistently kind and hospitable and despite their poverty they are exceedingly generous.

Although much of Haiti would be considered unsafe for us to travel alone, the culture places such a high value on its women and children that rape, molestation and physical abuse are almost unheard of and when one of these things happen "Haitian justice" is swift and unmerciful. Alcohol and drug abuse are also rare due to the high cost of purchase and lack of import. Even cigarettes are not common although they are more socially acceptable. The people have immeasurable pride in their families and accomplishments. Even their homes which are typically bare floored, cinderblock and concrete are shown off to visitors. Jobs are scarce and the men and older boys will work long hours in the heat and humidity to provide for their families. Women are rarely seen doing construction work or driving motorcycles. Instead, they typically sell small household items, cloths and food in small stands or lean-tos along the roads and work as cooks and laundresses. Higher paying office jobs and government work are open to both sexes.

Haitians are an industrious and innovative people. Children make toys out of tin cans and bottle caps and the men and women make tools and supplies from odds and ends they can salvage and repair. In a world oversaturated in media and social climbing these beautiful people find joy in the simple things, their families and in Jesus Christ. They sing to Him with enthusiasm and even in the face of persecution they are unashamed of their faith.

Whether it be at the churches we visited, the grocery stores we shopped at or the people we waived to as we were driving around a majority of the people we came in contact with were friendly and approachable. Their laughter and joy were contagious and was only amplified as they played practical jokes and goofed off with each other and the team members. The children would come to us and grab our hands, sit in our laps and hug us even though they only just met us. They were hungry for love and affection and so open and honest with us as we shared with them.

Despite having to battle political corruption, natural disasters, a history of oppression by the voodoo religion and a lifelong struggle with poverty their faith in Jesus Christ doesn't waiver. We went to bless them and instead we were blessed. They taught us the joy of singing to the Lord without shame, being truly excited about the Word of God and believing, body and soul in Christ's provision and love for us. Saying goodbye this morning was bitter sweet. This trip was a defining moment for each us, one that we look forward to sharing with you all soon.

Haiti Mission Day 9: Good Stewards & Hope House Orphanage Visit

The team spent the morning cleaning the school top to bottom and working hard to leave the facility in better condition than when we found it. Two team members, Jason and Ruben, headed next door to help a woman clean debris from the small space where she would be building her one bedroom home. One of the things we are most thankful for is the ability to complete every task we started and be good stewards of God's time and resources while in Haiti.

After lunch at a local restaurant most of the team headed to Hope House orphanage nearby. They were treated to a skit depicting the fall of Adam and Eve and some worship and dancing. After the skit they were all given an opportunity to raise their hands and pray for Jesus to enter their hearts. A few of them raised their hands and were so adorable as they prayed to Jesus. The orphanage is also home to children with various handicaps that require full time care. A few of us branched off to visit these children, play music for them, sing to them, hold them and just share the love of Jesus Christ in an way we could. Despite their handicaps these children smiled and were so loving and animated. One little boy, Peter, who was one of many restricted to a wheelchair spoke a little English. He was the first to ask for a photo which sparked a few others to ask for one as well. They all smiled and posed for the camera and laughed with joy when they were shown their photographs. Many of the children are true orphans but many have been left there by parents who have no means to care for them.

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world" - James 1:27

Haiti Mission Day 8: Women's Prison Ministry & Neighborhood Kids Feeding Program

This morning the men stayed behind and completed grounds clean up and painting the shipping container buildings at the new property. The ladies ventured out to participate in the bi-weekly women's prison ministry put on by the full time female missionaries at Cross to Light. We were not permitted to take interior photos but the facility is clean and bright and the ladies are housed in large communal rooms full of bunk beds. While we waited to be taken in we talked with a few of the guards and some of the prisoners that were going about their business in the hall ways. We were led to a room that was about 10 by 15 feet. In another room across the hall another missionary who has been in Haiti for 20 years, was teaching English to some of the inmates. Our group of ladies arrived and filled the small room to capacity. We had worship, Diane gave her testimony, Michelle gave a short devotional and we ended with questions and prayer. Most of the questions were personal and they were curious about us, whether we were married, had children or what we did for jobs. Just like everywhere in Haiti they were all smiles and joy. You could see that many of them had already been set free by their relationship in Jesus Christ.

After a short break the guys returned from the new property and we began getting ready to do a neighborhood food distribution for the children. Cross to Light has done feedings before but this was different. Earlier in the week some of the members of Cross to Light were approached by the older neighborhood children who asked if they could do a feeding for the younger ones. The food was prepared by the staff and volunteers at Cross to Light but after a short time of worship and teaching the older children of the neighborhood distributed the food to all the little ones. After dinner they were all treated to a Jesus movie in Haitian along with popcorn. The night is currently being closed out with lively worship which is being sung as this blog post is being written and can be heard all the way on the roof where a few of us are fellowshipping.

Haiti Mission Day 7: Sunday Morning Church Service & a Neighborhood Women's Bible Study

The entire team attended Pastor Fednel's church in Canaan this morning. Service was full and worship was simple and despite not having a band it was passionate and inspiring. The congregation had heartfelt enthusiasm for prayer and the teaching that you just don’t see back home. Their excitement for the Lord and his word was unmistakable.  Pastor Bob's teaching was also received with enthusiasm by adults and children alike. After service a mini VBS was done for the kids and snacks were passed out. The team acted out the story of Adam and Eve and explained how we achieve salvation through faith and not works.

The afternoon was spent in much needed rest. A time of fellowship and naps were the order of the day until a few of the girls shared their testimonies at a bible study for the neighborhood ladies outside the Cross to Light gates. They also had a time of prayer over the ladies and their children after the study. Two sisters, aged 15 and 18 acted as our translators and many of the school's students also translate for us when needed. We are blessed to have such wonderful servants at our disposal. Without them we could not complete the ministry we were sent to do.

Haiti Mission Day 6: Breaking Bread & Bread Baking

Almost the entire team traveled back to Pastor Jonas' church in Cite Solei to host another mini VBS for the local children and distribute medical supplies. The team was cooked a special meal that had historical significance. This traditional meal was originally cooked by the French who occupied the country but they did not share it with the Haitian people. Now the Haitian people cook the meal to celebrate their independence from France. We were blessed by their hospitality and generosity in sharing it with us.

Two team members stayed behind to bake bread and visit the neighbors to pray for them and pass out the bread. A large majority of the homes we visited appreciated the prayers and they were adamant about hosting us in their homes rather than have us wait outside. A couple of the people gave us tours of their "in progress" homes and were proud of the progress of their construction. After prayer they began eating the bread and were sometimes finished before we left their homes.  It was easy to get lost in the moment and prayer and the presence of the Lord and not think about anything else.

Haiti Mission Day 5: Mini VBS & the Children of Petite Riviere De L'Artibonite

We got an early start right after breakfast and made the three hour drive to Cross to Light Church in Petite Riviere De L'Artibonite. Pastor Jonas and his fiancé Jenny welcomed us to their new church which is currently under construction. The foundation and roof has been completed and the floor and brick walls will be completed soon. The church broke ground recently but Pastor Jonas has had a presence there since 2013 when he heeded Gods command to move to the village. His first home in the area was on the same block as two voodoo temples which is the predominant religion of Haiti. He and other Christians have been persecution for their faith by physical intimidation and sometimes death. Please pray for Pastor Jonas and Jenny as they continue to build the church and stand for Jesus Christ in a predominantly voodoo area.

The team spent the day playing with the village children and teaching them about Jesus Christ through songs, skits, story telling and prayer. We passed out candy, healthy snacks, played games and painted the little girls fingers and toes. The kids sang for us and participated in the skits and prayers with enthusiasm. This was the longest ministry day we have had so far but it was the most difficult to leave when the children chased after our truck as it drove away.

On the way home we stopped at the local grocery to pick up ice cream for the team, students and leaders of Cross to Light. The evening was spent in fellowship and story telling about our day to the people who could not be there. Tomorrow part of the team will be visiting Pastor Lissons Church again to put on another mini VBS like today. The other half of the team will be baking bread and distributing it to the local community members. Please keep the entire team in prayer as they venture into the surrounding communities on foot and by truck especially since the truck is in need of repairs and had some trouble starting today while we were out.

Haiti Mission Day 4: Finishing What We Started, God Closes One Door & Opens Another & Prayer Requests.

Our second day of grounds maintenance allowed us to complete many of the projects that were started yesterday. The entire team visited the new school property to finish planting bougainvilliers, clean up the garden area and sand and paint one of the storage containers. Our relationships with the staff and students and local workers at the new school property have become closer and we are functioning as one big team. All the jokes, pictures and goofing off together will always hold a special place in our hearts. The new school property has an amazing view of Port Au Prince and the distant mountains as seen here from the third floor of the structure.

A few of the men drove to the local police station to get a permit to visit the men's prison. It is not guaranteed that teams can get a permit so there is prayer before making the trip. They were granted a permit, however, due to some unrest in the city and potential protesting there was concern that it would not be safe so they were not allowed to enter. Instead they prayed and sang worship with the guards and left them with tracts. While returning to the school the men stopped to pick up beans and rice for a children's feeding event taking place this Saturday outside the school.

Tomorrow the team will be taking a three hour trip (standing in the back of the trucks) to Cross to Light Church in Petite Riviere De L'Artibonite north along the coast. Please pray for our safety and stamina while driving in the sun and that the Lord will use us to bless the pastor and his congregation.

Haiti Mission Day 3: Pastor Bob Teaches, Blessing Cross to Light and La Paix Hospital.

The morning was spent doing grounds maintenance at the Cross to Light school while Pastor Bob taught the students the basics of inductive Bible study. The guys worked on the vehicles and cleared the banana trees of old branches and the ladies cleaned the windows throughout the school. We were reminded of how God is blessed when we are faithful in the little things and will entrust us with even more when we prove ourselves to be His diligent servants.

After lunch part of the team spent the afternoon at the new school location currently under construction. The school will be a combination of shipping containers and concrete structures. The shipping containers are brought over in two stages; first they are stored at various locations in the United States where they are filled with supplies before being shipped to Haiti and second they are unloaded in Haiti then incorporated into the new school structures.  The team worked with some of the local men to clear and repair the chicken coop, pick up trash, make updates to the solar energy system and plant bougainvilliers, whos large thorns will act as an extra deterrent for would be trespassers when planted along the exterior walls.

The remainder of the team visited the emergency room and both patient and children's wards of the local Haitian hospital La Paix (The Peace). There they sang for the patients and prayed for them and were able to anoint a few of them with oil. Each person that was asked was receptive and open to being prayed for and some sang along with the team.  Due to the personal nature of the hospital and out of respect for its patients we did not take any photos but look forward to sharing our stories with everyone back home.

Haiti Mission Day 2: Good Morning Haiti, Cross to Light Church Improvements & Navigating the Streets of Port Au Prince

After our morning devotional and a breakfast of oatmeal, eggs potatoes and some amazing home baked bread we drove an hour anda half to one of the Cross to Light Church (Croix de Lumiere) plants in the City of the Sun (Cite Solei) to help Pastor Lisson with some improvements on the churches water collection system. The trip took us through the heart of downtown Port Au Prince and up into the mountains to the South. We stood in the back of the mission truck as Pastor Rajive, a three year veteran missionary at Cross to Light, navigated the chaos of traffic like a pro and delivered us all safely to the church.

Cross to Light Church has a roof water collection system that dispenses into a 12x12 foot cistern that provides water to the small village. Members of the community can come and drop down a five gallon bucket to fill their large water containers. Without this cistern, people would have to walk water up the mountain from the city or have it delivered which is costly. Unfortunately, even with the tropical rains there is not always enough water so many families will have to transport water during dryer months.

After the hard work was done we took some time to play with the local children. A few team members played a game of football (soccer) with some of the boys as the other children cheered them on. Many of the kids watched us with curious faces. They all had big smiles when receiving candy, getting their pictures taken or when one of the team members tried to speak creole.

It is inspiring to watch Cross to Light and the local community come together to care for one another without any expectation of repayment or recognition. They give when they have little to afford, the smile and laugh in the face of tragedy and they give praise and thanks to the Lord with such sincerity and faith that he will provide for them. Please be in prayer for Pastor Lisson and his wife that they will be a light in their mountain community and help light the way to salvation in Jesus Christ for the non-believers they witness to.

Haiti Mission Day 1: Travel, getting settled and a little exploration.

After 16 hours of travel time the Haiti team arrived in Port Au Prince around 2:30pm and hit the ground running! God blessed us with a safe and uneventful journey and wonderful fellowship with or brothers and sisters during travel. Our first on site team meeting got us acquainted with school and its volunteers as well as a short praise and worship session with Pastor Brian and a few of the students from the school.

We brought eight bags of supplies that included clothing, hygiene items, medicine, work supplies like trash bags and work gloves, and food supplies for Thanksgiving Dinner. After sorting and cataloging all the items we took a couple of UTV buggies to visit the new Cross to Light compound that is currently under construction. We are all awed by the natural beauty of the island and its people.

Tomorrow will be our first full day of ministry. Please keep our team in prayer as they work on church construction, women's ministry and building maintenance on the Cross to Light grounds.

Haiti Mission: Meet Christin!

Hi, my name is Christin.  I was attending CCPV before my dad became its pastor. I moved to Denver, CO in 2014 with my husband Geoff and we attend Calvary Belmar. Now I work as the missions coordinator for CCPV and my husband and I are also youth leaders with Calvary Belmar's jr high and high school ministry so I guess we are lucky to have two home churches instead of just one. We also volunteer with Colorado's Collaborative Foster Care System working with kids in the foster care system as well as annual trips to Tanalian Bible Camp in Port Alsworth, Alaska to work with at risk youth. Most people don’t realize that 1 in 3 kids in Alaska are victims of mental, physical and/or sexual abuse and the suicide rate is the highest in the country.


I was really involved in missions growing up but I stopped going on trips for a variety of reasons, finances were a big one but also I struggled with some bad experiences I had had in the past. Going to Alaska in 2016 was a big step for me. My dad began talking to me about going on a missions trip with CCPV after I started going to Alaska. He suggested Vietnam but my heart kept coming back to Haiti. I don't have any specific reason other than I felt God press it upon me to go.

My only plan for Haiti is to serve where I am needed. I also hope to use my photography skills to tell the story of the mission and to raise awareness and support back home in the US.  It's in my DNA to embrace getting out of my comfort zone. Jumping on a plane and traveling to a new place is an everyday thing for me. I am used to being away from home since my job requires me to travel but because of back to back trips I will be away from home for 31 days. This is much longer than normal and is hard on both my husband and I for obvious reasons. I am thankful that he is so supportive or being away that long would be impossible.

I ask for prayer for our team to act as one cohesive unit and that the Holy Spirit would be the driving force behind everything we do. I pray that none of us go in there thinking we know what's best or to empower ourselves but that we instead empower others so that they may better serve their community.

Haiti Mission: Meet Ruben!

Hello my name is Ruben. I was born in Compton California in 1958 I was raised in a Catholic home the third oldest of six brothers. I always had an understanding of God and the Trinity. At the age of 14 I took classes for about a year to prepare for my confirmation my teacher told us that he was a reborn Christian. At the time I really didn't know what that was but he gave us a lot of information that I probably would not have heard otherwise. At 15 I started hanging around with older guys from my neighborhood which led me to start getting involved with things I shouldn't have. By the time I was seventeen I had been to jail eight times and finally convicted of strong-armed robbery when convinced by some of my friends to drive them to a liquor store where the robbed and beat up the owner. After being in jail for a while I volunteered for a forestry fire camp which was a lot better than sitting in a cell. While at the camp a group from Calvary Chapel Calaveras, California joined the camp. After listening to the teacher for about 45 minutes and a few worship songs they gave an altar call I think I was the only one who went forward. Boy did I catch a lot of flack for that that!  I ended up getting paroled about seven months later in June of 1978.


I used to read my Bible a lot when I was in jail but when I got out I didn't really know any Christians. Everyone I knew was Catholic so I went back to Catholic church. I did have a prayer life but not like when I was in jail. I got a job working nights in a factory where my dad worked that kept me out of trouble. I met my wife, Velia, about a week after I got out of jail and we got married November 1980. From then I worked hard to raise my kids and support my family. My wife and kids were already going to Calvary Chapel Perris Valley in 1997. My wife asked me if I wanted to go to church with her it's not the first time she asked me but it was the first time I told her yes. In August of 1997 we went to a Harvest Crusade where I rededicated my life to the Lord.

Currently I work long days at Swift with dedicated loads for Lowes. Weekends are for family, church and catching up around the house. If I had the time for any hobbies I would work on my car. I own a 1954 Chevy Bel Air which has been sitting for over 30 years. I hope to get to it eventually.

One of the reasons I picked Haiti was because I was looking at the lists on the missions table and try to figure out which country need the most help. I remembered the earthquake about 5 years ago in Haiti and how much it affected the country. In the past 30 years I have worked heavy equipment, welding, concrete, truck driving, and other building trades so I hope to put those skills to work for the Lord in Haiti. As of the time of me writing this biography Haiti has just been hit by hurricane Irma. I pray for the people and that God will use me and my skills to help them.

Haiti Mission: Meet Katie!

Photo on 9-18-17 at 4.41 PM.jpeg

Hi, my name is Katie Arenales and I am part of the Haiti’s mission team. My entire family and I attend Calvary Chapel Perris and have recently involved themselves in ministry there. Since attending Perris, this is the first time I will be going on a missions trip and I am so glad the Lord lead me to go to Haiti. Three years ago the Lord planted the seed for my desire to go to Haiti while I was attending Bible college in Murrieta. He has then placed people in my life who have reinforced my desire to go. I have always had a longing to work with children and have been blessed to have the opportunities to do so, but being able to go to a foreign country and be with children, and tell them about Jesus is a blessing beyond any other. I’m extremely excited to go on this trip and be challenged in ways that I haven’t been before. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported our team and ask that you continue to do so in prayer as we prepare to spread God’s name in Haiti. “I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.” Psalm 17:6

Haiti Mission: Meet Sara!


Hello! My name is Sarah Mendoza, new name actually! Just got married in April to my husband, Jason! Married life is awesome, I highly suggest it. I am obsessed with the ocean, anything involving being in the water! I play soccer and love being outside. This trip will be my 7th time to Haiti, and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I started going three years ago with a nonprofit named Grangou, which in hungry in creole. I love the people there and how Jesus will do anything for them to know how loved they really are. I have also visited Nicaragua, El Salvador this last year and Mexico with James' nonprofit, Frontline! I pray the Lord will use me wherever is needed and that my heart looks just like His! I pray that my husband, who is also going (his first time) will fall in love with Haiti as much as I have and the Lord will potentionally use us long term there. I am STOKED to see a different side of Haiti and serve a different people group, because I have only served in one area in the past visits to Haiti, so I am excited to serve and meet new people and see all that the Lord has! I would pray for health and for the Lord to continue to shape my heart to be more servant minded and be teachable in all my ways. My family knows my heart for this country, so they are blessed with my being able to return, and even more excited that I know get to go and serve with my husband.

Haiti Mission: Meet Jason!


Mwen rele Jason Mendoza and this is my first time going to Haiti, I've served in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Downtown Los Angeles many times. I serve weekly as Junior High School leader for Hope Chapel and also Missions Committee. My current hobbies are hiking, surfing, and cooking at home. This upcoming trip is so important to me because I get to serve with my beautiful bride for the first time married. God has prepared me personally by investing into peoples lives and giving me compassion for Haiti during these stormy times. I'm most excited to see miracles and healing, with the Haitian people and our team. I want to stretch my faith by praying for people and seeing the Holy Spirit move through us. I pray for protection for our health against sickness and bind the enemy to have no power over our plans. I see this trip changing my life for the long term mission. I pray to be used internationally where ever God wants me.

Haiti Mission: Meet Maltresa


My name is Maltresa I currently work at a Credit Union I have been in banking for 4 years. I am a huge foodie I love to travel and eat. I grew up in church but by the age of eight basketball became a priority. I quickly began to worship the sport I played and my involvement in church disappeared. I was told that this was my ticket to any and everything I could ever want and I believed it. Me being seperated from church and not knowing what it meant to have a relationship with God I got lost in the world still believing I was a Christian but living life for me not for Christ and seeing nothing wrong with it. When I started going to Calvary Chapel Perris Valley I learned about having a relationship with God and how important that is. The more I learned about God and the love He has for us the more I started to fall in love with him the more I wanted to have a relationship with Him. I have been continuing to build on that falling in love with God more and more and building a relationship with Him everyday. I now work in children's ministry in church and I absolutely love it. I really want kids to learn what I didn't learn while being in church I want them to know that God is the answer and our foundation and nothing in this world is guaranteed only the Love He has for us is.

Last year I went on a mission trip to Japan and this year I went on a trip to Mexico. I truly feel that God has put it on my heart to travel the world and allow his love to shine through me to others. I don't know how God will use me during this trip but I am excited to see how He does. I hope that what I learn I can bring back with me here to CCPV and take with me on other mission trips as well.  I am mot excited about being used by God and learning as much as I can. Please pray that we can all work well together.

I know that I will be taken out of my comfort zone I am very aware that the culture is very different than what I am use to. I have heard others who have been walking with Christ longer tell me that they aren't ready for Haiti and it can be discouraging at times but I know that I must be obedient to what God asks of me even when I am not always comfortable. Luckily my friends and family are use to me traveling so to them I am just being the travel bug they know me to be.