Haiti Mission Day 2: Good Morning Haiti, Cross to Light Church Improvements & Navigating the Streets of Port Au Prince

After our morning devotional and a breakfast of oatmeal, eggs potatoes and some amazing home baked bread we drove an hour anda half to one of the Cross to Light Church (Croix de Lumiere) plants in the City of the Sun (Cite Solei) to help Pastor Lisson with some improvements on the churches water collection system. The trip took us through the heart of downtown Port Au Prince and up into the mountains to the South. We stood in the back of the mission truck as Pastor Rajive, a three year veteran missionary at Cross to Light, navigated the chaos of traffic like a pro and delivered us all safely to the church.

Cross to Light Church has a roof water collection system that dispenses into a 12x12 foot cistern that provides water to the small village. Members of the community can come and drop down a five gallon bucket to fill their large water containers. Without this cistern, people would have to walk water up the mountain from the city or have it delivered which is costly. Unfortunately, even with the tropical rains there is not always enough water so many families will have to transport water during dryer months.

After the hard work was done we took some time to play with the local children. A few team members played a game of football (soccer) with some of the boys as the other children cheered them on. Many of the kids watched us with curious faces. They all had big smiles when receiving candy, getting their pictures taken or when one of the team members tried to speak creole.

It is inspiring to watch Cross to Light and the local community come together to care for one another without any expectation of repayment or recognition. They give when they have little to afford, the smile and laugh in the face of tragedy and they give praise and thanks to the Lord with such sincerity and faith that he will provide for them. Please be in prayer for Pastor Lisson and his wife that they will be a light in their mountain community and help light the way to salvation in Jesus Christ for the non-believers they witness to.