Haiti Mission Day 3: Pastor Bob Teaches, Blessing Cross to Light and La Paix Hospital.

The morning was spent doing grounds maintenance at the Cross to Light school while Pastor Bob taught the students the basics of inductive Bible study. The guys worked on the vehicles and cleared the banana trees of old branches and the ladies cleaned the windows throughout the school. We were reminded of how God is blessed when we are faithful in the little things and will entrust us with even more when we prove ourselves to be His diligent servants.

After lunch part of the team spent the afternoon at the new school location currently under construction. The school will be a combination of shipping containers and concrete structures. The shipping containers are brought over in two stages; first they are stored at various locations in the United States where they are filled with supplies before being shipped to Haiti and second they are unloaded in Haiti then incorporated into the new school structures.  The team worked with some of the local men to clear and repair the chicken coop, pick up trash, make updates to the solar energy system and plant bougainvilliers, whos large thorns will act as an extra deterrent for would be trespassers when planted along the exterior walls.

The remainder of the team visited the emergency room and both patient and children's wards of the local Haitian hospital La Paix (The Peace). There they sang for the patients and prayed for them and were able to anoint a few of them with oil. Each person that was asked was receptive and open to being prayed for and some sang along with the team.  Due to the personal nature of the hospital and out of respect for its patients we did not take any photos but look forward to sharing our stories with everyone back home.