Haiti Mission Day 4: Finishing What We Started, God Closes One Door & Opens Another & Prayer Requests.

Our second day of grounds maintenance allowed us to complete many of the projects that were started yesterday. The entire team visited the new school property to finish planting bougainvilliers, clean up the garden area and sand and paint one of the storage containers. Our relationships with the staff and students and local workers at the new school property have become closer and we are functioning as one big team. All the jokes, pictures and goofing off together will always hold a special place in our hearts. The new school property has an amazing view of Port Au Prince and the distant mountains as seen here from the third floor of the structure.

A few of the men drove to the local police station to get a permit to visit the men's prison. It is not guaranteed that teams can get a permit so there is prayer before making the trip. They were granted a permit, however, due to some unrest in the city and potential protesting there was concern that it would not be safe so they were not allowed to enter. Instead they prayed and sang worship with the guards and left them with tracts. While returning to the school the men stopped to pick up beans and rice for a children's feeding event taking place this Saturday outside the school.

Tomorrow the team will be taking a three hour trip (standing in the back of the trucks) to Cross to Light Church in Petite Riviere De L'Artibonite north along the coast. Please pray for our safety and stamina while driving in the sun and that the Lord will use us to bless the pastor and his congregation.