Haiti Mission Day 5: Mini VBS & the Children of Petite Riviere De L'Artibonite

We got an early start right after breakfast and made the three hour drive to Cross to Light Church in Petite Riviere De L'Artibonite. Pastor Jonas and his fiancé Jenny welcomed us to their new church which is currently under construction. The foundation and roof has been completed and the floor and brick walls will be completed soon. The church broke ground recently but Pastor Jonas has had a presence there since 2013 when he heeded Gods command to move to the village. His first home in the area was on the same block as two voodoo temples which is the predominant religion of Haiti. He and other Christians have been persecution for their faith by physical intimidation and sometimes death. Please pray for Pastor Jonas and Jenny as they continue to build the church and stand for Jesus Christ in a predominantly voodoo area.

The team spent the day playing with the village children and teaching them about Jesus Christ through songs, skits, story telling and prayer. We passed out candy, healthy snacks, played games and painted the little girls fingers and toes. The kids sang for us and participated in the skits and prayers with enthusiasm. This was the longest ministry day we have had so far but it was the most difficult to leave when the children chased after our truck as it drove away.

On the way home we stopped at the local grocery to pick up ice cream for the team, students and leaders of Cross to Light. The evening was spent in fellowship and story telling about our day to the people who could not be there. Tomorrow part of the team will be visiting Pastor Lissons Church again to put on another mini VBS like today. The other half of the team will be baking bread and distributing it to the local community members. Please keep the entire team in prayer as they venture into the surrounding communities on foot and by truck especially since the truck is in need of repairs and had some trouble starting today while we were out.