Haiti Mission Day 6: Breaking Bread & Bread Baking

Almost the entire team traveled back to Pastor Jonas' church in Cite Solei to host another mini VBS for the local children and distribute medical supplies. The team was cooked a special meal that had historical significance. This traditional meal was originally cooked by the French who occupied the country but they did not share it with the Haitian people. Now the Haitian people cook the meal to celebrate their independence from France. We were blessed by their hospitality and generosity in sharing it with us.

Two team members stayed behind to bake bread and visit the neighbors to pray for them and pass out the bread. A large majority of the homes we visited appreciated the prayers and they were adamant about hosting us in their homes rather than have us wait outside. A couple of the people gave us tours of their "in progress" homes and were proud of the progress of their construction. After prayer they began eating the bread and were sometimes finished before we left their homes.  It was easy to get lost in the moment and prayer and the presence of the Lord and not think about anything else.