Haiti Mission Day 7: Sunday Morning Church Service & a Neighborhood Women's Bible Study

The entire team attended Pastor Fednel's church in Canaan this morning. Service was full and worship was simple and despite not having a band it was passionate and inspiring. The congregation had heartfelt enthusiasm for prayer and the teaching that you just don’t see back home. Their excitement for the Lord and his word was unmistakable.  Pastor Bob's teaching was also received with enthusiasm by adults and children alike. After service a mini VBS was done for the kids and snacks were passed out. The team acted out the story of Adam and Eve and explained how we achieve salvation through faith and not works.

The afternoon was spent in much needed rest. A time of fellowship and naps were the order of the day until a few of the girls shared their testimonies at a bible study for the neighborhood ladies outside the Cross to Light gates. They also had a time of prayer over the ladies and their children after the study. Two sisters, aged 15 and 18 acted as our translators and many of the school's students also translate for us when needed. We are blessed to have such wonderful servants at our disposal. Without them we could not complete the ministry we were sent to do.