Haiti Mission Day 8: Women's Prison Ministry & Neighborhood Kids Feeding Program

This morning the men stayed behind and completed grounds clean up and painting the shipping container buildings at the new property. The ladies ventured out to participate in the bi-weekly women's prison ministry put on by the full time female missionaries at Cross to Light. We were not permitted to take interior photos but the facility is clean and bright and the ladies are housed in large communal rooms full of bunk beds. While we waited to be taken in we talked with a few of the guards and some of the prisoners that were going about their business in the hall ways. We were led to a room that was about 10 by 15 feet. In another room across the hall another missionary who has been in Haiti for 20 years, was teaching English to some of the inmates. Our group of ladies arrived and filled the small room to capacity. We had worship, Diane gave her testimony, Michelle gave a short devotional and we ended with questions and prayer. Most of the questions were personal and they were curious about us, whether we were married, had children or what we did for jobs. Just like everywhere in Haiti they were all smiles and joy. You could see that many of them had already been set free by their relationship in Jesus Christ.

After a short break the guys returned from the new property and we began getting ready to do a neighborhood food distribution for the children. Cross to Light has done feedings before but this was different. Earlier in the week some of the members of Cross to Light were approached by the older neighborhood children who asked if they could do a feeding for the younger ones. The food was prepared by the staff and volunteers at Cross to Light but after a short time of worship and teaching the older children of the neighborhood distributed the food to all the little ones. After dinner they were all treated to a Jesus movie in Haitian along with popcorn. The night is currently being closed out with lively worship which is being sung as this blog post is being written and can be heard all the way on the roof where a few of us are fellowshipping.