Haiti Mission: Meet Jason!


Mwen rele Jason Mendoza and this is my first time going to Haiti, I've served in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Downtown Los Angeles many times. I serve weekly as Junior High School leader for Hope Chapel and also Missions Committee. My current hobbies are hiking, surfing, and cooking at home. This upcoming trip is so important to me because I get to serve with my beautiful bride for the first time married. God has prepared me personally by investing into peoples lives and giving me compassion for Haiti during these stormy times. I'm most excited to see miracles and healing, with the Haitian people and our team. I want to stretch my faith by praying for people and seeing the Holy Spirit move through us. I pray for protection for our health against sickness and bind the enemy to have no power over our plans. I see this trip changing my life for the long term mission. I pray to be used internationally where ever God wants me.