Haiti Mission: Meet Sara!


Hello! My name is Sarah Mendoza, new name actually! Just got married in April to my husband, Jason! Married life is awesome, I highly suggest it. I am obsessed with the ocean, anything involving being in the water! I play soccer and love being outside. This trip will be my 7th time to Haiti, and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I started going three years ago with a nonprofit named Grangou, which in hungry in creole. I love the people there and how Jesus will do anything for them to know how loved they really are. I have also visited Nicaragua, El Salvador this last year and Mexico with James' nonprofit, Frontline! I pray the Lord will use me wherever is needed and that my heart looks just like His! I pray that my husband, who is also going (his first time) will fall in love with Haiti as much as I have and the Lord will potentionally use us long term there. I am STOKED to see a different side of Haiti and serve a different people group, because I have only served in one area in the past visits to Haiti, so I am excited to serve and meet new people and see all that the Lord has! I would pray for health and for the Lord to continue to shape my heart to be more servant minded and be teachable in all my ways. My family knows my heart for this country, so they are blessed with my being able to return, and even more excited that I know get to go and serve with my husband.