Haiti Mission: Meet Ruben!

Hello my name is Ruben. I was born in Compton California in 1958 I was raised in a Catholic home the third oldest of six brothers. I always had an understanding of God and the Trinity. At the age of 14 I took classes for about a year to prepare for my confirmation my teacher told us that he was a reborn Christian. At the time I really didn't know what that was but he gave us a lot of information that I probably would not have heard otherwise. At 15 I started hanging around with older guys from my neighborhood which led me to start getting involved with things I shouldn't have. By the time I was seventeen I had been to jail eight times and finally convicted of strong-armed robbery when convinced by some of my friends to drive them to a liquor store where the robbed and beat up the owner. After being in jail for a while I volunteered for a forestry fire camp which was a lot better than sitting in a cell. While at the camp a group from Calvary Chapel Calaveras, California joined the camp. After listening to the teacher for about 45 minutes and a few worship songs they gave an altar call I think I was the only one who went forward. Boy did I catch a lot of flack for that that!  I ended up getting paroled about seven months later in June of 1978.


I used to read my Bible a lot when I was in jail but when I got out I didn't really know any Christians. Everyone I knew was Catholic so I went back to Catholic church. I did have a prayer life but not like when I was in jail. I got a job working nights in a factory where my dad worked that kept me out of trouble. I met my wife, Velia, about a week after I got out of jail and we got married November 1980. From then I worked hard to raise my kids and support my family. My wife and kids were already going to Calvary Chapel Perris Valley in 1997. My wife asked me if I wanted to go to church with her it's not the first time she asked me but it was the first time I told her yes. In August of 1997 we went to a Harvest Crusade where I rededicated my life to the Lord.

Currently I work long days at Swift with dedicated loads for Lowes. Weekends are for family, church and catching up around the house. If I had the time for any hobbies I would work on my car. I own a 1954 Chevy Bel Air which has been sitting for over 30 years. I hope to get to it eventually.

One of the reasons I picked Haiti was because I was looking at the lists on the missions table and try to figure out which country need the most help. I remembered the earthquake about 5 years ago in Haiti and how much it affected the country. In the past 30 years I have worked heavy equipment, welding, concrete, truck driving, and other building trades so I hope to put those skills to work for the Lord in Haiti. As of the time of me writing this biography Haiti has just been hit by hurricane Irma. I pray for the people and that God will use me and my skills to help them.