Haiti Mission: Meet Dianne


Dianne Henderson is a servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Through her pilgrimage, searching to serve the Lord the way he requires, she has been part of several sects, Catholic 5 yrs, Jehovah Witness 17 yrs, Black Muslim 3 Years. All praises due to God His Spirit has guided her to the right way to serve Him and to assist others to come to Him. She realize it is a requirement of the Lord to learn as much as she can about Him. Her hobby is reading and studying about Him.

After her years of searching, she prayed and studied the Bible diligently to rid her spirit of the things she learned that were not in agreement with God's word. In the mist of her pilgrimage she raised 3 children. Religiously they attended Wednesday Night Bible Studies, Church on Sundays and had personal bible study at 5 am every morning before school.

Dianne retired from her job as a Employment Program Representative with California State in 2005 to attend Theology School, she received a Doctorate Degree in Theology in 2013 from Practical Institute of Evangelism (PCIE). During the time she attended PCIE she served as a Faculty Member, Instructor and College Registrar until January 2017.

For many years Dianne have studied and continue to study the Bible Expositor and Illuminator. It has a section in the weekly study entitled World Mission. She acquired a thirst for the mission by reading this section in her weekly Sunday Morning Bible Study. She continuously prayed for missionaries and had no idea how she could go on a mission until she began to attend Calvary Chapel Perris Valley (CCPV), she heard CCPV had a dynamic children ministry for her four grandchildren. She began to attend and found they had a dynamic, simple and concise teaching for the adults too. Also, the Pastor, Pastor Bob Ybarra continuously spoke of their missions, the Pastor and some of the members went on missionary trips often and they gave their experiences to the church. She heard many Missionary Leaders speak at CCPV.

Dianne have been privileged to attend her first mission trip to Haiti. She Pray the Lord use her in any way he want too on this trip so the gospel will run free in a country whose religion is predominately Voodoo. The majority of her family is as excited as she, to see her go.

Going to Haiti's is a prayer God has answered and it has deepen her faith in the Lord, just to squeeze out the funds to go is a miracle. She know her relationship with Christ will grow during this Trip. In preparation for this trip she heard Pastor Bob Robert mention over 86% of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddha worshipers do not personally know Christ. There is work to be done, I pray to be a great help.

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.