Haiti Mission: Meet Maltresa


My name is Maltresa I currently work at a Credit Union I have been in banking for 4 years. I am a huge foodie I love to travel and eat. I grew up in church but by the age of eight basketball became a priority. I quickly began to worship the sport I played and my involvement in church disappeared. I was told that this was my ticket to any and everything I could ever want and I believed it. Me being seperated from church and not knowing what it meant to have a relationship with God I got lost in the world still believing I was a Christian but living life for me not for Christ and seeing nothing wrong with it. When I started going to Calvary Chapel Perris Valley I learned about having a relationship with God and how important that is. The more I learned about God and the love He has for us the more I started to fall in love with him the more I wanted to have a relationship with Him. I have been continuing to build on that falling in love with God more and more and building a relationship with Him everyday. I now work in children's ministry in church and I absolutely love it. I really want kids to learn what I didn't learn while being in church I want them to know that God is the answer and our foundation and nothing in this world is guaranteed only the Love He has for us is.

Last year I went on a mission trip to Japan and this year I went on a trip to Mexico. I truly feel that God has put it on my heart to travel the world and allow his love to shine through me to others. I don't know how God will use me during this trip but I am excited to see how He does. I hope that what I learn I can bring back with me here to CCPV and take with me on other mission trips as well.  I am mot excited about being used by God and learning as much as I can. Please pray that we can all work well together.

I know that I will be taken out of my comfort zone I am very aware that the culture is very different than what I am use to. I have heard others who have been walking with Christ longer tell me that they aren't ready for Haiti and it can be discouraging at times but I know that I must be obedient to what God asks of me even when I am not always comfortable. Luckily my friends and family are use to me traveling so to them I am just being the travel bug they know me to be.