2018 Haiti Mission: Day Two

We attended Calvary Chapel Port Au Prince for morning services. Pastor Serge greeted us and made us feel welcome as did many of the congregants. Sunday being a day of rest all businesses were closed so we were unable to gather supplies for the coming week. Instead we visited the new school facility to begin electrical work and construction on the chicken coop.

Geoff installed a flood light at the very top of the three story building by hanging from the open rafters and installed a large switch allowing the power to the tilapia tanks to be switched between solar and city grid power. The girls helped some of the students raise the and repair the roof on the chicken coop that had collapsed when a tree fell on it and measure out one of the bedrooms and prep it for painting. In between we enjoyed fellowship with the new students. One of the students from last year came for a visit and took us across the street for a popular Haitian Fruit Champagne soda where we met some young boys who allowed their photo to be taken.

Tonight a few of the students we hadn’t met yet returned from visiting family over the weekend and another short term mission's family that is close with Katie came to the school for dinner before heading back to the states. Both the tables and our stomachs are full after sharing heaping spoonful's of rice and beans with sauce, pasta, and fresh local mango and our hearts are full of fellowship with our brothers and sisters.