2018 Haiti Mission: Day Four

Finally supplies!!! We have struggled for the last couple of days to get all the supplies we need for the projects we have committed to. We have had to visit multiple places, sometimes multiple times to find everything on our list or at least a good alternative when something isn't available, which happens often. Their hardware stores are guarded by armed security and take multiple steps to get what you need. A simple trip to pick up a few items can take hours. Today we have only one item that still needs to be purchased but we were able to make headway on one of the bedrooms that we are working to help complete.


The girls, with the help of some of the students were able to paint the entire room. Everyone chipped in and made quick work of the small area while Geoff installed conduit and junction boxes on the ceiling for fans and lights and receptacle boxes along the wall. The tight quarters made for some dancing around each other and shuffling supplies from one place to another but tomorrow the room will be ready for another coat of paint and the lights and fans to be installed.

While Geoff worked he was able to have Pastor Lucan and two of the students shadow his every move. They were eager to learn anything Geoff was able to impart. The men and women of Haiti are quick to jump in to help and are industrious workers. With so little tools and material at their disposal their resourcefulness is an incredible gift that is inspiring to watch.

All of us, even Geoff, have all been presented with tasks way outside our comfort zone. It would easy to let our discomfort and fear of not being qualified keep us on the sidelines or even keep us from going on mission trips all together. However, God has proven over and over that if He has called you he will qualify you and give you the ability to complete any task He gives you.

Doing the Lords work together never fails to connect people despite background, age or language barrier. Working with the students this year has done just that. Conversation and jokes are now passed around the dinner table like old friends with a long history.