2018 Haiti Mission: Day Five

Some days in the mission field are exciting. They have something new around every corner. Some days are more of the same tasks. Picking up the same paint brush or screwdriver and doing exactly the same thing you did the day before and the day before that. These days aren't any less important nor should they be less enjoyable or blessed.

Today was another round of painting and electrical installation. We had an opportunity to see the teamwork between missionaries and students become more relaxed and communication more clear now that we have spent so much time working together. The students have slowly gained a better understanding of what Geoff is trying to teach them. So much so that he was able to leave them to complete the a few of the steps without him which freed him up to work on the wiring plan and complete some more work on the solar panels. They watch him with respectful attention and you can see their joy as they accomplish tasks they have never tried before. We have never met a people so eager to learn.

In between conduit being installed and wire being pulled the girls finished the final coat of paint on the bedroom so that fans and lights can be installed on Saturday. Tomorrow they will begin the new task of cleaning and organizing the schools supply room and the medical supply cabinets to make room for the extra household supplies your donations helped provide. While they set themselves to their project Geoff and Christin will have time to collect the last batch of lumber to begin work on the chicken coop roosting area.  Once complete the chicken's can be purchased. These 25 chickens will provide eggs for the students, staff and visiting missionaries for a fraction of the price of purchased eggs. Tomorrow afternoon will be our first VBS at the school which will have a meal distribution for the children of the neighborhood afterward.

Now that we have reached the halfway point of our trip the close quarters, heat, work and less than ideal sleeping conditions can begin to catch up with us. Tempers start to get shorter and energy levels can drop. Please pray for our team that the Lord continues to sustain us and that He continues to be the center of all that we do.  We desire to see our fellowship grow through the trials rather than be discouraged.