2018 Haiti Mission: Day Seven

The drive to Pastor Dovic's church in Dumay took us out of the city and into the mountain jungles to the south east of Port Au Prince. Pastor Dovic and the elders of his church greeted us and immediately made us welcome. Like most VBSs conducted here the children made their way in a few at a time. They all gathered around inside the church which is still under construction and has yet to have its roof installed which made for a lovely outdoor event. The inland area, which is much more rural than anything in the city, is surrounded by lush green jungle and mountains that feel completely different than the country's costal capitol.

VBSs, while more of the same worship, games and meal distribution, never fail to feel like a new experience. The children maintain the same enthusiasm and excitement but they bring a renewed joy to each of us as they slowly open up and we hear them singing and laughing. This area is heavily influenced by the vodou religion. Pastor Dovic has a children's outreach each Friday in hopes of ministering to a neighborhood which would otherwise not maintain contact with him and his congregation.  His church, while still under construction, has already become a center for the community to gather for the weekly outreaches and although there is not always funds for a food distribution they consistently have worship and a short sermon and games for the children as their parents look on. Please pray for Pastor Dovic as he continues to raise funds for church construction and reach his community which is so deeply in need of Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Haiti. We have full faith that we will be able to accomplish all of our commitments to Pastor Brian and his staff that we made at the onset of this mission. Final touches on the chicken coop, installation of fans and fixtures and landscaping the open air coop area that has been overgrown by the bougainvillea we planted last year for added security will make for a full day's labor. Please pray that we do not run into any unexpected challenges and continue to work as one body as Christ intended.