2018 Haiti Mission: Day Eight

Just as Christ is always faithful to complete what he has started so are we called to be diligent servants who can be counted on to honor the commitments we make. Our commitments to ministry aren't just to people but, more importantly, they are commitments to God. To go into the mission field and be able to take a project from the planning stages to completion and to see God provide time, materials and helping hands has given us all a great sense of satisfaction. The painting, lights and fans in the women's bunk room are all complete and working properly. We could not have done it without the help of the students and we pray we were as much of a blessing to them as they were to us.

Last year we planted multiple bougainvillea plants around the new school property. These plants have beautiful flowers and some serious thorns. They are common here and used as added security along fences. The small plants we placed in the chicken coop are now flourishing and spreading themselves out along the ground. Our team, with the help of the students, made improvised hooked stakes out of metal bars and ran rope from the ground, through the razor wire and back down so the bougainvlleas could be trained up  to the top of the cinder block wall. This, plus the roosting poles, nesting box door, water dispensing buckets and hanging feeders brought our chicken coop project to completion.

Our final drive through the community is always bitter sweet. Buildings and streets have begun to be familiar. The neighborhood children who remember us from VBS wave and say hello. Haiti will always hold a special place in our hearts and it is hard to say goodbye when you are unsure if you will be able to come back in the future. But is something unique about relationships forged through ministry that go much deeper even when your time together is so short and despite the distance these bonds are never broken.