2018 Haiti Mission: Meet Geoff


Hello, my name is Geoffrey Burkhart. I currently attend Calvary Belmar in Lakewood Colorado with my wife Christin Cordova-Burkhart. There we run the Youth Group and I play on the worship team.  I began attending Calvary Perris Valley about six years ago when Christin and I first met and it is where I began my personal walk with Jesus Christ. My first mission experience was in 2016 when my wife and I volunteered at Tanalian Bible Camp to work with at risk teens in Alaska. I also went again in June this summer to continue working with the kids I have come to know and love (photo above).

I felt the Lord calling me to the mission in Haiti after hearing about all the details of the need and desire of the local people to know the Lord. What I like most about the Cross to Light organization is that they are raising up local men as leaders instead of sending an outsider to plant a church.

As an electrician I feel that I can be very useful to their infrastructure. It was a relationship through the body of Christ that led me to gain my professional skill and I am very excited to be able to use it in the service of the Church. Please pray that we will be able to bless the local people by providing whatever needs they are facing.