Pray for Japan


The prayer of believers is THE key to turning a dark nation such as Japan to the light and love of Christ. It is not the sending of missionaries, it is not the collection of offerings to support missionaries, nor is it the dedicated work of missionaries that will impact an unreached individual, community, or nation — but it is by the power of the prayers of believers — the body of Christ.

It is by our prayers that God will awaken and raise up believers to go as missionaries. It is by our prayers that the Spirit will stir hearts to support the work of missions. And it is by our prayers that Christ will transform the world through the lives and work of missionaries.

A simple prayer, fervent from the heart, is all that is needed. You don’t have to be a bible scholar, a pastor, or a theologian. All it takes is a childlike faith.

As with any unreached people groups, there are language barriers, cultural obstacles, and personal issues that may impede the message of the gospel. Pray for our missionaries in Japan — Cherry, Rich and Emi. Pray for the individuals they have formed relationships with and for those they come in contact with. Pray for the community of Ishinomaki in which they are planting seeds of faith. And pray for the nation of Japan.

Tom Tanaka, Team Member

Japan 2019 - Meet Mark Williams

We are always open for those outside our fellowship to join us on our mission trips. Mark is joining us with his pastor Billy Wheeler from CC Everett and we are blessed to have him.

pastor Bob

My name is Mark Williams and I live in Lake Stevens, WA. I am very much looking forward to meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ from both CCPV and Japan, and getting to serve the Lord alongside them.

Mark Williams of CC Everett

Mark Williams of CC Everett

I was born into a Christian family and grew up going to church every Sunday. In 2016 I left the church I grew up in and began attending Calvary Everett. At this time my faith in the Lord really became my own. I am grateful to my church family for the teaching and fellowship they have provided as well as the opportunities to be active in ministry. 

When my pastor told me about the Japan mission trip, I was somewhat reluctant to commit but did pray about it for weeks. The Lord has now placed the desire within me to go, and I am eager to see how the Lord will use us to further His kingdom.

Mark Williams

Japan Team Unexpected Opportunity

You never know what opportunity might come available on a mission trip so being flexible is important. On Monday was one such opportunity for some of the team. A connection that missionary Rich had gave an OKAY to bring team members to play at a small shopping center. So quickly they did some quick preparation and packed up the van with equipment.

(Left to Right) missionary Cherry, Hannah, misssionary Rich, pastor Billy (with hat) then on the left two Japanese young men that were playing music before the team arrived who joined them.

(Left to Right) missionary Cherry, Hannah, misssionary Rich, pastor Billy (with hat) then on the left two Japanese young men that were playing music before the team arrived who joined them.

While the musically talented served up some worship songs and Rich shared a message in Japanese while other team members handed out witnessing tracts to both shoppers and shop keepers.


Taking these opportunities without much practice is a step of faith trusting that the Lord would join their talents as one. It was a spontaneous blessing and went rather well and even the weather was accommodating as rain was expected during the day but none came.

Hannah & Rich.JPG

Please pray for those who heard the music and the message shared.

2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.

Japan 2019 - Meet Geraldine

Geraldine photo.png

Hi, my name is Geraldine Bautista. My husband Jeffrey and my children, Geo, Ged, and Gwyn have been attending CCPV for more than a year now since we moved to Perris. I am currently employed as a registered nurse where I oversee care of surgical patients going to the Perioperative Services. 

I am an immigrant from the Philippines and have been in the United States for more than 20 years. I grew up in an Evangelical Church (UNIDA) in Manila, Philippines and have experienced different ministries as a child, youth and as an adult including an opportunity to experience going to different remote places to help minister to people who does not know our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Two years ago, I was given an opportunity to be a part of a mission trip in Mexico with my previous church family in Corona; an orphanage managed by a local church in Mexico. It was a blessing being a part of that mission trip. I experienced how anyone can be used by God to be a blessing to others. The Japan mission trip is another blessing and I am looking forward on God’s plan.

Geraldine Bautista

BEFORE and NOW: Photos from the sea wall


In 2011 we sent two teams following the March tsunami that hit the northern coast of Japan. 30 ft high waves hit the undersized sea wall and rushed unhindered at the row of homes that ran in parallel to the sea wall. Though many structures remained standing their integrity was diminished and they had to be removed. Other homes were destroyed with some homes removed completely from their foundation and relocates hundred’s of feet away.



Today some new homes have been built and others repaired but most dominant is the new sea wall that was increased to over 30 feet hight beyond the height of the tsunami waves.


Japan 2019 - Meet Pastor Billy

Pastor Billy Wheeler, CC Everett, WA

Pastor Billy Wheeler, CC Everett, WA

 I grew up in Amarillo, Texas, on a dusty plot of land just outside of town where I went to the same school with the same kids (mostly) from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I signed up for the United States Marine Corps at age 17 and began to travel the world for the first time. In 1994 I went on a deployment serving in Somalia, Jordan, and Kuwait. In less than seven months we traveled more than 56,000 miles with the carrier battle group that included Everett’s own ship, the USS Nimitz. It was during my military service that the Lord brought me to Calvary Chapel of Vista, California, where Brian Brodersen was my pastor and Ken Sutton was my college pastor.

I would later serve under Pastor Ken Sutton in Lynden, WA. as Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor. I obeyed the call to go to Brazil with a plan was to sell everything, get visas for our entire family, and move to Campo Muráo, Brazil, to direct the Calvary Chapel Bible College there. God had other plans, however, because we were not able to secure the visas for Brazil. So I spent a wonderful year teaching Bible at Calvary Christian School in Vista, CA. Then, having decided that the door to Brazil was closed, we moved back to Washington and served at Calvary Ellensburg with Tadd and Charity Scheffer for two years. Finally, Pastor Ken Sutton called and asked us to come to Everett where I took over as Lead Pastor in June of 2012. God is good and so merciful.

Why Japan? I have a great affinity for Asian cultures in general but especially those of China and Japan. I was able to visit Hong Kong while serving in the Marines and I have been praying for and following the Calvary Chapel movement in Japan for many years now.  I am so excited to finally get the chance to go there myself.  We are hoping that our church, Calvary Everett, in Everett, WA, will be able to partner with CC Perris Valley for many years to come!

Pastor Billy Wheeler

Heart for Japan


It was 1989 that I first traveled to Japan and fell in love with the people and their country. It is incredible how the Japanese people hold to their traditions and modern technology at the same time. After serving in Japan with my family for a year in 1990 I returned for several short trips the following few years. But then ministry took me a different direction while I served as the Missions Pastor at CC Moreno Valley. It wasn’t unto the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 that I returned with teams from CC Perris Valley. The devastation in the was overwhelming as our teams assisted other ministries with relief efforts in northern Japan on the oceanside area of Ishinomaki called Watanoha-cho. This gentleman in the photo and his mom (right), were those who experienced the loss of their store in the disaster and I was overjoyed to take the photo 2 years later, with my translator, when they reopened their store.

The area is returning with new and restored buildings and homes. The population that reduced by half after the event has returned to almost the same as before the tsunami. However, the people still feel the pain as and loss. When our missionary, Cherry, was speaking to a woman about her being in Japan and our church coming every year since 2011 brought tears to her eyes. Cherry joined Rich and Emi in opening J’s Cafe and CC Ishinomaki, whole we are return each year to support.

There are so many stories I can tell of the people I have met over these years, but I look forward to returning this trip to have new experiences in ministry to tell. I especially expect I will learn something new from the Lord for I am always in his classroom. Follow our upcoming posts as we share about our team and their 2019 mission trip. We leave on August 8 and return August 17th so please keep us in your prayers.


pastor bob

Tsunami destroyed homes 2011

Tsunami destroyed homes 2011

Japan Trip 2019


Hard to believe we have our 14th mission trip to the coastal area of Ishinomaki, Japan planned since the devastating earthquakes and tsunami hit the northern region in 2011. Those images of buildings destroyed, homes torn from their foundations and large boats resting in the middle of a city street will ever be etched in my memory. But most impacting was the pain of the people we ministered to.

The buildings are now repaired or rebuilt. The population has returned. Businesses reopened or are new. But ministry to the people continues. What began as a relief effort has been for several years a church plant meeting in the cafe that we and other teams established. At first a building was acquired as a place to feed and comfort the community and today continues to be a place of outreach and home for Calvary Chapel Ishinomaki. The couple leading this ministry were residents of Japan and three years ago we sent our own Cherry Oqundo to serve along side them. You can read earlier blog posts to read of the more recent trips we have taken.

In this coming trip we will continue to faithfully support the work that was begun and come alongside those who continually serve the community of Ishinomaki. You prayers are so appreciated for our missionaries, our coming trip and most importantly for the Japanese people.

If you would like to join us for our next mission trip August 8-17, 2019 please contact Mario our missions coordinator. We presently have ten going but always will welcome others. Don’t delay as flight tickets will be purchased in June.


pastor Bob

Japan Mission Day 6: Fond Farewell, All Aboard! On to Tokyo… by Dianne

Our final farewell at the Ishinomaki train station was difficult for each one of us. Only the Lord could orchestrate such sweet fellowship in such a short visit. It was the prayer of the team that we would experience unity and the Lord has been faithful to answer this prayer. Pictured are Rich, Emi, Cherry, Hannah, and Edgar. As a team in devotional time we have been studying Ephesians 4. The first three verses of Ephesians 4 are a reminder of the calling of the body of Christ:

“I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” - Eph 4:1-3 NKJV

 As I write this, the team is on the train from Ishinomaki to Sendai where we will catch the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo. We are stopped on the train tracks with alarm bells signaling some type of delay. Train travel in Japan is nearly always perfectly on time, yet it is our God who controls all things. He is aware of the reason for delay and has accounted for it in His plan. This trip has been step by step an opportunity for trust. Despite the 16-hour time difference, often when the team has needed prayer we have been able to communicate with our church back home. Thank you for praying for us as our journey has encountered difficulties big and small along the way. After traveling on a train from Ishinomaki to Sendai, a Shinkansen to Tokyo and a connecting train, we arrived in the Team center near Mitaka station in Tokyo. We met with Pastor Kaz to plan our first day of ministry here in Tokyo the same Christian preschool we visited last year.

Japan Mission Day 5: Teamwork by Dianne

Our final ministry day in Ishinomaki was spent cleaning the café and passing out fliers at the local schools advertising J’s café English school. While waiting to pass out fliers, Luke and Nathaniel were approached by an adorable young girl that simply wanted to play. She picked flowers for Luke and pulled Nathaniel by the hand leading him to a soccer ball all the while as her grandparents looked on with smiles. Love passes language barriers and so far, the encounter with the little girl has been the highlight of the trip for my son, Nathaniel. After finishing ministry and purchasing needed supplies for the café, we decided to cook a meal together. It was encouraging to see everyone pitch in cooking together, chopping vegetables, doing dishes in shifts, and preparing food in tiny spaces. The body of Christ shares a bond that is like no other.

Watching Kelen fellowship in Spanish with Jesse (originally from Peru) and Edgar (J’s café’s missionary from Mexico) was a faith building experience. God had engineered a team to work together who had previously not known one another and the outside observer would never know. Rich had shared in one of our debriefing sessions that having short term teams visit reminded him of a time in which he was hiking up hill with a heavy backpack. Someone placed their hand on his backpack and that slight forward pressure greatly lightened his load. It is not the size of the job before us, it is the heart in which we serve. We are called to come alongside the long-term missionaries, lighten their load, encourage, pray, and hopefully plant seeds with those they minister to that affirms their God given calling to the people of Japan. I ask that you join in prayer for Rich, Emi, Cherry, and Edgar and for J’s café that it would be a light in a place which does not easily receive the gospel message. May the Lord bring children to the English school and new families to the church services and may those who currently attend grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Japan Mission Day 4: Nursing Home Ministry by Kelen


Today the team visited a local nursing home and sang songs in Japanese, English, and Spanish. It was such a special time of loving on the residents and feeling overwhelmed by their hospitality. They sat us down at a traditional Japanese table and served us the most delicious homemade squash curry with rice and vegetables. Truly an answer to what seemed like an insignificant prayer—we happened to be craving curry! For dessert, we enjoyed a warm pancake filled with sweet red bean paste—also a favorite! After the meal, we sang “Happy Birthday” to celebrate the 92nd birthday of one of the ladies who lives in the home. We were surprised to discover that the Japanese sing “Happy Birthday” in English as opposed to a translated version of the song. Who knew?! Hannah, Cherry and Rich then led us in a few lovely songs of worship in English/Japanese and Edgar and I sang “La Bamba.” It was so fun to see everyone swaying, dancing and clapping their hands to the music. Teruko even joined us and sang a traditional “enka” karaoke song—she is quite the performer! Despite the language barrier, we felt warmly welcomed; sometimes a simple smile, handshake, hug or attempt to speak Japanese is all that is needed to convey the love of Jesus.

Although the cherry blossoms have disappeared in Tokyo, we were blessed to be in Ishinomaki where they are in near full bloom despite the cool, wet weather. Later in the afternoon, once the sun brought light to the rainy sky, the team drove us up to Matsushima where we were able to experience a panoramic view of the surrounding area from Le Roman, a minimalist, nearly all glass café. Enjoying Darjeeling tea, coffee and baked treats beholding this view made for a yummy mid-day snack. Taking pictures there was such a highlight! As I write this my mind wander back to that moment, taking it all in as we knew we had to soon leave such a beautiful place and even more beautiful people who had become family.

Japan Mission Day 3: The Lord’s Day by Dianne

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Ps 118:24

Worship and church service at the café is an intimate affair that reminds me of a family gathering. In addition to our team from CC Perris valley, Kelen, Cherry, Rich, Emi, Edgar, and Cade, we met Christian English teachers Mona Lisa, Terrie, Clayton, and Joseph, in addition to Japanese church members. After worship and a message from Rich we all shared cake, tea, and coffee.

Japan Mission 2018 - Meet the Tanakas!

Meet the Tanaka family: Tom, Dianne, Nathaniel (17) and Natalie (13). We have been attending and serving in Calvary Chapel churches for the last 20 years and Calvary Chapel Perris Valley for about a year and a half. Tom works in the medical field and Dianne has been homeschooling for 12 years. Tom and Dianne have served in a divorced & separated group support ministry, in children’s ministry with preschoolers, missions support, and in prayer groups. Tom has always had a heart for missions. We originally found Calvary Chapel Perris Valley on the internet and were specifically interested in their focus on missions. Tom has had opportunities to participate in medical missions and short term mission trips to the Philippines and Mexico. More recently, Nathaniel participated in his first mission trip to San Vicente, Mexico and he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve along with his dad.

In Japan, Pastor Bob has assigned us to work along with the team in teaching English to the Japanese children. Dianne is very excited for this opportunity and especially for the opportunity to experience a mission trip with the entire family. We ask that you pray that we would be fully equipped by the Lord to minister His love to these children in His Spirit. Tom’s first language was Japanese but he has forgotten most of it over the years. Please pray that the Lord would bring to his remembrance the Japanese language that he might use it as needed for ministry. Nathaniel requests that you pray that we would touch the lives of the Japanese people we meet. This is Natalie’s first mission trip and first time traveling out of the country. Please pray for faith and courage to trust in the Lord throughout the trip. One of our favorite verses is “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15. We are thankful the Lord has opened this door for our family to serve together.

Japan Mission Day 2: The Fellowship of the Saints

It is such a joy to be writing this in J’s Café.  Our morning was blessed by worship led by Hannah and a devotional in Ephesians 4 in which each participant was able to share. In addition to the team from CC Perris Valley, Edgar (a missionary who relocated from Mexico) and Cade (an American serviceman from the air force) joined us. After fellowship, the ladies stayed in the café and ministered to Japanese women helping them with their conversational English. J’s café has fostered many long-term relationships with their neighbors, and it is evident that the light of the love of Jesus can be found here. Pictured is one of the ladies who fellowships at the café, Teruko, with the team.

While the ladies ministered to Japanese women in the café, the men left to help Rich organize and clean a shed holding various needed materials. It is very true that many hands make light work and not only was Rich blessed, but the young men who helped were as well in the joy that comes from a job well done. It is not the size of the job, large or small, but the heart in it to glorify the Lord which makes it all worthwhile.

Japan Mission Day 1: Hannah's Account

Hannah’s account of Day 1: While preparing to come on this trip, I felt very secure in the fact that God’s hand would protect us and control the situations that could arise while in Japan. For anything that we desire to accomplish in the name of the Lord, Satan is quick to put many obstacles in our way, and this trip was no different. As soon as the trip towards LAX began I noticed that I continued to lose and forget the location of my phone. This was something very small that I knew I didn’t need on this trip, however, the fact that I kept losing my possessions put an unsettling feeling in me.

Once we arrived in Japan we first took care of converting our money and purchasing all our necessities to travel from city to city. After purchasing what is known as a JR Pass (used to go on the bullet trains), I lost track of it after we exited our first train from Tokyo to Sendai. Knowing that this pass was not cheap and that we had a connecting train to Ishinomaki in less than an hour, I began to feel horrible for constantly disrupting the team’s plans and setting us back over an hour. Tom and I then decided to retrace our steps and ask the officers if any pass had been turned in, but nothing was found. With less than 10 minutes to get a train ticket and find the train, we raced to the nearest JR East Ticket Office, purchased the ticket, and arrived right before the last train departed.

The following day Rich called the train station, where I lost my pass, to follow up on whether it was found. The lady then began to say that one was found but needed to be verified if it was mine. After 15 minutes we got a call back verifying that it was mine! However, it was on the other side of Japan, roughly 3 hours by shinkansen (an expensive alternative) or 6 hours by driving. Later, we found that we could get it shipped to Ishinomaki for only a shipping fee and would arrive the day before we leave to go back to Tokyo.

This was definitely a blessing and miracle from The Lord! All night we kept praying that the Lord would work a miracle and He did. I had so many opportunities to forget about finding my JR Pass and just buy another one the following morning. But it was at the expense of losing all my money for food, or possibly getting stuck in Tokyo by not having enough money for a ticket. However, The Lord was in control of everything. He gave me a team that was standing by me and supporting me through the trial and parents that were willing to provide emergency money, to ensure that I arrived safely to the place that the Lord desired for us to go. I could have fallen into the mentality of having gone onto a horrible mission trip that had nothing but disasters waiting for me, but the team and I stood strong knowing that this trip was God’s will, and nothing could stop us. “What, then, shall we say unto these things? If God is for us, who is against us?” (Romans 8:31).

day 3-cherry.jpg

Japan Mission Day 1: Wheels Up and Travel Mercies

Part I: Taking small steps of faith leads to great blessings.

Currently as I write this, 6 members of our team: Tom, myself (Dianne), Hannah, Luke, Nathaniel, and Natalie are all safely in our seats and eagerly awaiting our arrival in Japan. Our morning began with everyone meeting at our home. After a few minor hiccups, forgetting a passport and phone, which required slight detours, we were on our way.

It is one thing traveling and being led by a seasoned international traveler such as Pastor Bob and another thing entirely learning to lead a team. As always, the Lord is the one who leads, and the Lord is the one who goes before us, behind us, and we simply walk in His steps. Despite my easygoing personality, I tend to be a person who likes everything in order and to be very early at airports. As we were driving to the airport waiting in line arriving an hour later than I had anticipated, I had the opportunity to exercise baby steps of faith. Instead of pondering what might go wrong as I waited in line, I pondered the disciples who were in the storm while Jesus slept. Knowing Jesus is always with me, why should I fear? It is an exercise in trust that is always sweetly rewarded. It is my heart to learn this lesson well. My prayer therefore, is not that we might not be faced with trials on this trip but instead that we might respond to them with faith, trust, and joy, knowing that the Lord always has a plan.

Part 2: After writing this, the entire team had opportunities to continue to trust. Upon arrival in Japan, the pilot aborted the 1st landing attempt due to severe turbulence. Upon the 2nd successful attempt the entire plane cheered as we landed. Due to the late arrival, some communication difficulties, and a lost rail pass we found ourselves severely off schedule. We caught the last possible Shinkansen to Sendai and were warmly welcomed by Rich, Cherry, and Edgar. We definitely appreciated every prayer for the team!

Dianne Tanaka

Day 1-JR line.jpg

Japan Mission 2018 - Meet Hannah!


Hi, my name is Hannah Arenales and I am 19 years old. I was raised in a God fearing family with parents that focused on being planted in the Word and living as true followers of Christ.

Since I was very young my parents have always been a part of the Mexico mission trips, translating, and fundraising to support the teams going. Their participation with the Mexico mission trips have heavily influenced me to want to reach those in foreign countries and show them the love of The Lord. I have always felt a heavy desire to go to Asian countries and doing whatever The Lord wills for me.

I don't know how The Lord will use me during this Japan mission trip but I would like to continue what has been started by the missionaries and the work we have done over the past few years. I hope that I will grow a deeper and stronger faith, as well as, more of a dependence in Him than in myself. I don't know what's going to happen during this trip but I'm excited for the things we have planned so far. Any prayers for the team and the people we interact with would be greatly appreciated.

Japan Mission 2018 - Meet Luke Campos!


Hi!  I’m Luke Campos, an 18-year-old senior in high school.  I was born into California under a loving Christian family, nourished and well established in my faith throughout the years.  Having lived my years in a homeschool environment, life was breezy and comfortable.  Eventually, I fell into a dangerous state of complacency.  God then decided to shake my life and change my school.  While my initial reaction was furthering my backsliding tendencies, things changed when I attended a summer camp in high school.  Here the councilors and youth leaders encouraged every student to find out what God was ministering to us in that very same camp.  This event completely changed my perspective on Christianity, that God wanted a personal relationship with me and I had to pursue it.

With this new outlook, I was unexpectedly invited to Japan with this church.  I had never been on a mission’s trip prior to this, so this was an encouraging opportunity.  Although not greatly acquainted with the culture, I was filled in by both the missions and my own sister (who has a small obsession with Asian culture).  Shortly after, numerous people jumped to sponsor my trip nearly covering the price of the entire trip.

If anything, I would pray for personal wisdom when dealing with the people of the country and boldness in the Lord.  Simply preparing for this trip has greatly encouraged my faith, I am more than excited to learn more of the ways God works through his people.  I believe in all things we should grow in our relationship with God, but, by all means, I hope to grow even further in my spiritual faith and an even deeper relation with the Lord.

Japan Mission 2018 - Meet Kelen!


Hi, I'm Kelen Caldwell and I'm thrilled to be joining the CCPV trip to Japan. I’m 21, graduated from Wheaton College, IL in May '17 and currently work as a management consultant based out of Atlanta, GA. My family was always hopping around because of my dad's job so I'm passionate about celebrating diversity within the body of Christ. I spent many summers with my extended family in the Ecuadorian Amazon, doing children's ministry and serving in any way we were needed. 

God put Japan on my heart through a vision that I had in early March and I felt an immediate calling and desire to go, despite knowing very little about the culture and how this could even be feasible. Yet, He provided and used a simple Google search to connect me to the generous and loving community at CCPV. I pray that God would use this trip to radically transform the lives of not only the people we are blessed to minister to, but also us. A recent theme for me in this season of life has been cultivating selflessness. In our fast-paced society, it is so easy to become caught up in what we need to do and focusing on ourselves instead of others. But we are anointed for so much more! I pray that the hearts of stone would be replaced with hearts of flesh on this trip, that we would be open and willing to let God move in and through us. When I told my family that I was praying about going to Japan, they had so much peace and have been incredibly supportive. I'm so thankful that God has opened this door and given me this opportunity-stoked to see how he moves!

2018 Japan Mission Trip Scheduled


You may contact our Mission Administrator with any questions by calling (951) 943-5979, ext. 10 or by email.  We do suggest you first download the Japan Mission Booklet as many answers are there.

Also review past posts of our 2017 Mission trip to Japan Blog.

Every been to Japan?  Ever been to Japan in the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming? If you were to travel to Japan on a vacation the cost could be well over $6000 for two people.  But what if you could travel to Japan for ten (10) days at half the cost and at the same time be serving the Lord furthering the Gospel?  

Do we have your attention?  Well it is possible and the dates to join us are April 5-15, 2018.  The cost is estimated at $1500 per person and includes airfare and in-country travel and housing, s well as some sightseeing.  True, you will not be experiencing a 5-star lifestyle but you will experience spiritual growth, faith building while having personal contact with the people of Japan working alongside Japanese Christians and missionaries.

Where do you start?  Sign-up HERE on our event page.  Christin our Missions Administrator will then email you all the documentation and instructions on what to do next.  But get started right away as there is limited space and there is a lot of interest. Also, you will want to download a Japan Mission Booklet that gives you a greater understanding of this mission.