Japan Mission: MEET NICK!

Hello I'm Nick. I grew up in a Christian home, though we were never really God driven people. We knew of Him and would for the most part go to church every Sunday, but I never felt like I had a relationship with the Lord, nor did I have any strong attempts in doing so. It wasn't until Hannah Arenales, another member of the team for this mission, invited me to come to Calvary Chapel Perris Valley with her and her family that I started to really seek Him. At some point, I knew He had given me an opportunity to have a relationship with Him through our meeting, something that I am very thankful for and that solidified my desire to know Him. I have previously gone on a mission trip to Mexico to install insulation in housing for women and their children. This experience really showed me just how good God is, how He can use anyone, even myself, for His work, and how He can provide incredible blessings.

When missions was be discussed at church, I was a bit hesitant to be a part of one, as I was still growing spiritually myself. After talking with different people about it, I came to see that a mission would be a great opportunity to grow and to be used in an amazing way. This specific mission to Japan was something that I knew that He was guiding me to and providing me the chance to be a part of as the class that I met Hannah in was none other than Japanese.

I hope that God will help me to do as much as I can to both improve the lives of others as well as bring them to Him. While I don't have any particularly noteworthy strengths, I think this in itself is a positive, as I am willing and eager to do whatever I can, even if that may be providing support for another team member so that they may be able to do His work with a great outcome.

I hope that this mission will allow me to have a stronger conviction in my walk with the Lord. While in the past I knew the Lord and never had any doubts about Him, I didn't do much to seek Him out or to improve my relationship with Him. After I began to attend CCPV and have been able to have a church to go to consistently, I have been getting closer to Him. My experience on a mission trip to Mexico further put in my heart a desire to better my relationship with Him, something that I hope and know will happen again on this upcoming mission.

I am excited for the opportunity we have to bring others to the Lord. Having only recently gotten closer to Him myself, it will be amazing to be able to spread His greatness to those who would otherwise may not have found Him. 

I would ask that the whole team would receive prayers for safe travels, and that we may be successful in our work, whether that be spreading the word to twenty people or to just one.