Japan Mission: MEET COSIMA!

My greatest joys are serving the Lord along side my husband at CCPV, being a grandmother and spending time with my horse. I came to the Lord through a series of what I call Jesus encounters.  His “fingerprints" were all over my young life.  After marrying, my husband started attending a small home bible study group where he gave his life to the Lord.  I followed a few weeks later when I realized that I had met Jesus so many times before.  He was there all along so it only seemed right for me to surrender my life to Him completely.  That was about 40 years ago.  Since then missions just kind of became the next step for us.  I went on several short term mission trips to Mexico, China and Japan and later with my family for a longer term of about a year in Japan in 1990 and ’91.  After returning home my husband was led by the Lord to pastor at CCPV and we’ve been serving there now 20 years.  

I pray about going on every mission trip our church takes but the Lord doesn’t always send me.  He has a plan for each trip and hand picks each participant.  I knew it was His plan for me to go on this trip when He gave me a specific purpose for going. Of course I’ll be open to however the Lord wants to use me but specifically He has led me to bring the message of Grace to women who will attend a small day conference. I look forward to watching it all unfold.

One of my greatest challenges is to be vulnerable and real with people.  I’m really not a people person by nature. The Lord always helps me through that and it is my prayer that I will be less focused on self and more on others so I can be as fruitful as possible for the Kingdom. I’m excited to visit the missionaries, specifically Cherry who was sent out from CCPV earlier this year.

The Women’s Event which I am leading will be held on Wednesday August 23rd. (Tuesday the 22nd for California).  Please pray that the women attending will be touched by the messages and ministry prepared for them and that they will receive from the Lord.  Please pray for any women that have not yet received Jesus and that His message of grace and love would draw them as it did me so many years ago.  Pray that my heart and mind would be filled with His love and Word for them.