Japan Team Returning home


All but two members of our team has never been to Japan before.  Most of the team has never been out of the country.  Hannah Arenales came for the first time last year, so this is here second trip.  My wife lived here in 1990-1991 when we served here and later came back over 10 years ago.  Traveling can effect people in different ways especially when it is across the Pacific ocean.  This team all did well. 

Returning from a mission trip can effect a person even more.  Now having given of themselves to serve others in a foreign land there is a new perspective on the world.  A perspective that is alien to most Christians unless they have taken a similar trip. 

Having taken over a hundred mission trips the response of my fellow Christians typically fall into two camps.  Those who ask, "How was your trip,?" only to change the subject as soon as you say, "wonderful" or "it was awesome," There there are those you ask and follow with attentive eyes waiting to understand and maybe get a hint what it may be like for them.  There is a third camp consisting of people that didn't realize you left though they were made aware you were leaving on a mission trip.  This camp asks, "Weren't you going on a mission trip somewhere?"  "Yep, that was a couple weeks ago,"  I'd  respond.  "Oh," is the usual embarrassed response. I once got that question after my family and I had been gone for a year in Japan.  

As our team returns which camp will you fall in?  Will your question be small talk as if about the weather or will you be interested in the details of what God did in that team member?  Which camp you are in can make all the difference on how the Lord is able to minister to you personally.  You see, a part of the mission is sharing testimony of what the Lord has done.  When Paul and Barnabas returned from their first mission they gave report with those in Antioch who sent them.  So be ready to listen, learn and be uplifted by their testimony.  Be ready to receive.


pastor Bob