Japan - Ministry in Ishinomaki

Time in Ishinomaki has gone well.  Having a team that is flexible is of great enjoyment and this is one of those teams.  

The week was not without some disappointments.  Some team members were prepared to teach children English.  Our missionaries handed out flyers and spoke to moms and expected a strong attendance.  But this was not the case with only a few children attending.  The team still put their heart into it and ministered to those children that came.  

Another point of adjustment was the day we were to visit the temporary housing for a BBQ.  We had to move the day and this caused some time conflicts due to other ministry. I fear this maybe hindered our effectiveness.  However, we trust the Lord that his Spirit will still use the time we had. 

Ladies Event on Grace


The women’s event was well attended with Cosima teaching on God’s Grace using the song Amazing Grace. A wonderful discovery was that this song is well known throughout Japan and so those Japanese ladies that attended had a basic knowledge of the song. Cosima teaching on the meaning and purpose of Grace was well received. Several women  missionaries brought Japanese women they have been ministering to the meeting making for a  special experience.

Hannah & Nick preparing walls for painting 

A couple of the young members on our team said they were expecting to do some manual labor type ministry.  Well, they got their wish as there was patching needed on the cafe walls to prepare for painting.  These walls were repaired by a team who came last year but had not yet been painted.  

There are always things you wish you had time to do or wish could have gone better but I am very pleased with this team and the ministry we accomplished.



Pastor Bob