Japan Mission 2018 - Meet Kelen!


Hi, I'm Kelen Caldwell and I'm thrilled to be joining the CCPV trip to Japan. I’m 21, graduated from Wheaton College, IL in May '17 and currently work as a management consultant based out of Atlanta, GA. My family was always hopping around because of my dad's job so I'm passionate about celebrating diversity within the body of Christ. I spent many summers with my extended family in the Ecuadorian Amazon, doing children's ministry and serving in any way we were needed. 

God put Japan on my heart through a vision that I had in early March and I felt an immediate calling and desire to go, despite knowing very little about the culture and how this could even be feasible. Yet, He provided and used a simple Google search to connect me to the generous and loving community at CCPV. I pray that God would use this trip to radically transform the lives of not only the people we are blessed to minister to, but also us. A recent theme for me in this season of life has been cultivating selflessness. In our fast-paced society, it is so easy to become caught up in what we need to do and focusing on ourselves instead of others. But we are anointed for so much more! I pray that the hearts of stone would be replaced with hearts of flesh on this trip, that we would be open and willing to let God move in and through us. When I told my family that I was praying about going to Japan, they had so much peace and have been incredibly supportive. I'm so thankful that God has opened this door and given me this opportunity-stoked to see how he moves!