Japan Mission 2018 - Meet Luke Campos!


Hi!  I’m Luke Campos, an 18-year-old senior in high school.  I was born into California under a loving Christian family, nourished and well established in my faith throughout the years.  Having lived my years in a homeschool environment, life was breezy and comfortable.  Eventually, I fell into a dangerous state of complacency.  God then decided to shake my life and change my school.  While my initial reaction was furthering my backsliding tendencies, things changed when I attended a summer camp in high school.  Here the councilors and youth leaders encouraged every student to find out what God was ministering to us in that very same camp.  This event completely changed my perspective on Christianity, that God wanted a personal relationship with me and I had to pursue it.

With this new outlook, I was unexpectedly invited to Japan with this church.  I had never been on a mission’s trip prior to this, so this was an encouraging opportunity.  Although not greatly acquainted with the culture, I was filled in by both the missions and my own sister (who has a small obsession with Asian culture).  Shortly after, numerous people jumped to sponsor my trip nearly covering the price of the entire trip.

If anything, I would pray for personal wisdom when dealing with the people of the country and boldness in the Lord.  Simply preparing for this trip has greatly encouraged my faith, I am more than excited to learn more of the ways God works through his people.  I believe in all things we should grow in our relationship with God, but, by all means, I hope to grow even further in my spiritual faith and an even deeper relation with the Lord.