Japan Mission Day 2: The Fellowship of the Saints

It is such a joy to be writing this in J’s Café.  Our morning was blessed by worship led by Hannah and a devotional in Ephesians 4 in which each participant was able to share. In addition to the team from CC Perris Valley, Edgar (a missionary who relocated from Mexico) and Cade (an American serviceman from the air force) joined us. After fellowship, the ladies stayed in the café and ministered to Japanese women helping them with their conversational English. J’s café has fostered many long-term relationships with their neighbors, and it is evident that the light of the love of Jesus can be found here. Pictured is one of the ladies who fellowships at the café, Teruko, with the team.

While the ladies ministered to Japanese women in the café, the men left to help Rich organize and clean a shed holding various needed materials. It is very true that many hands make light work and not only was Rich blessed, but the young men who helped were as well in the joy that comes from a job well done. It is not the size of the job, large or small, but the heart in it to glorify the Lord which makes it all worthwhile.