Japan Mission Day 1: Hannah's Account

Hannah’s account of Day 1: While preparing to come on this trip, I felt very secure in the fact that God’s hand would protect us and control the situations that could arise while in Japan. For anything that we desire to accomplish in the name of the Lord, Satan is quick to put many obstacles in our way, and this trip was no different. As soon as the trip towards LAX began I noticed that I continued to lose and forget the location of my phone. This was something very small that I knew I didn’t need on this trip, however, the fact that I kept losing my possessions put an unsettling feeling in me.

Once we arrived in Japan we first took care of converting our money and purchasing all our necessities to travel from city to city. After purchasing what is known as a JR Pass (used to go on the bullet trains), I lost track of it after we exited our first train from Tokyo to Sendai. Knowing that this pass was not cheap and that we had a connecting train to Ishinomaki in less than an hour, I began to feel horrible for constantly disrupting the team’s plans and setting us back over an hour. Tom and I then decided to retrace our steps and ask the officers if any pass had been turned in, but nothing was found. With less than 10 minutes to get a train ticket and find the train, we raced to the nearest JR East Ticket Office, purchased the ticket, and arrived right before the last train departed.

The following day Rich called the train station, where I lost my pass, to follow up on whether it was found. The lady then began to say that one was found but needed to be verified if it was mine. After 15 minutes we got a call back verifying that it was mine! However, it was on the other side of Japan, roughly 3 hours by shinkansen (an expensive alternative) or 6 hours by driving. Later, we found that we could get it shipped to Ishinomaki for only a shipping fee and would arrive the day before we leave to go back to Tokyo.

This was definitely a blessing and miracle from The Lord! All night we kept praying that the Lord would work a miracle and He did. I had so many opportunities to forget about finding my JR Pass and just buy another one the following morning. But it was at the expense of losing all my money for food, or possibly getting stuck in Tokyo by not having enough money for a ticket. However, The Lord was in control of everything. He gave me a team that was standing by me and supporting me through the trial and parents that were willing to provide emergency money, to ensure that I arrived safely to the place that the Lord desired for us to go. I could have fallen into the mentality of having gone onto a horrible mission trip that had nothing but disasters waiting for me, but the team and I stood strong knowing that this trip was God’s will, and nothing could stop us. “What, then, shall we say unto these things? If God is for us, who is against us?” (Romans 8:31).

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