Japan 2019 - Meet Mark Williams

We are always open for those outside our fellowship to join us on our mission trips. Mark is joining us with his pastor Billy Wheeler from CC Everett and we are blessed to have him.

pastor Bob

My name is Mark Williams and I live in Lake Stevens, WA. I am very much looking forward to meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ from both CCPV and Japan, and getting to serve the Lord alongside them.

Mark Williams of CC Everett

Mark Williams of CC Everett

I was born into a Christian family and grew up going to church every Sunday. In 2016 I left the church I grew up in and began attending Calvary Everett. At this time my faith in the Lord really became my own. I am grateful to my church family for the teaching and fellowship they have provided as well as the opportunities to be active in ministry. 

When my pastor told me about the Japan mission trip, I was somewhat reluctant to commit but did pray about it for weeks. The Lord has now placed the desire within me to go, and I am eager to see how the Lord will use us to further His kingdom.

Mark Williams