Pray for Japan


The prayer of believers is THE key to turning a dark nation such as Japan to the light and love of Christ. It is not the sending of missionaries, it is not the collection of offerings to support missionaries, nor is it the dedicated work of missionaries that will impact an unreached individual, community, or nation — but it is by the power of the prayers of believers — the body of Christ.

It is by our prayers that God will awaken and raise up believers to go as missionaries. It is by our prayers that the Spirit will stir hearts to support the work of missions. And it is by our prayers that Christ will transform the world through the lives and work of missionaries.

A simple prayer, fervent from the heart, is all that is needed. You don’t have to be a bible scholar, a pastor, or a theologian. All it takes is a childlike faith.

As with any unreached people groups, there are language barriers, cultural obstacles, and personal issues that may impede the message of the gospel. Pray for our missionaries in Japan — Cherry, Rich and Emi. Pray for the individuals they have formed relationships with and for those they come in contact with. Pray for the community of Ishinomaki in which they are planting seeds of faith. And pray for the nation of Japan.

Tom Tanaka, Team Member

Japan 2019 - Meet Mark Williams

We are always open for those outside our fellowship to join us on our mission trips. Mark is joining us with his pastor Billy Wheeler from CC Everett and we are blessed to have him.

pastor Bob

My name is Mark Williams and I live in Lake Stevens, WA. I am very much looking forward to meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ from both CCPV and Japan, and getting to serve the Lord alongside them.

Mark Williams of CC Everett

Mark Williams of CC Everett

I was born into a Christian family and grew up going to church every Sunday. In 2016 I left the church I grew up in and began attending Calvary Everett. At this time my faith in the Lord really became my own. I am grateful to my church family for the teaching and fellowship they have provided as well as the opportunities to be active in ministry. 

When my pastor told me about the Japan mission trip, I was somewhat reluctant to commit but did pray about it for weeks. The Lord has now placed the desire within me to go, and I am eager to see how the Lord will use us to further His kingdom.

Mark Williams

Japan Team Unexpected Opportunity

You never know what opportunity might come available on a mission trip so being flexible is important. On Monday was one such opportunity for some of the team. A connection that missionary Rich had gave an OKAY to bring team members to play at a small shopping center. So quickly they did some quick preparation and packed up the van with equipment.

(Left to Right) missionary Cherry, Hannah, misssionary Rich, pastor Billy (with hat) then on the left two Japanese young men that were playing music before the team arrived who joined them.

(Left to Right) missionary Cherry, Hannah, misssionary Rich, pastor Billy (with hat) then on the left two Japanese young men that were playing music before the team arrived who joined them.

While the musically talented served up some worship songs and Rich shared a message in Japanese while other team members handed out witnessing tracts to both shoppers and shop keepers.


Taking these opportunities without much practice is a step of faith trusting that the Lord would join their talents as one. It was a spontaneous blessing and went rather well and even the weather was accommodating as rain was expected during the day but none came.

Hannah & Rich.JPG

Please pray for those who heard the music and the message shared.

2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.

Japan 2019 - Meet Geraldine

Geraldine photo.png

Hi, my name is Geraldine Bautista. My husband Jeffrey and my children, Geo, Ged, and Gwyn have been attending CCPV for more than a year now since we moved to Perris. I am currently employed as a registered nurse where I oversee care of surgical patients going to the Perioperative Services. 

I am an immigrant from the Philippines and have been in the United States for more than 20 years. I grew up in an Evangelical Church (UNIDA) in Manila, Philippines and have experienced different ministries as a child, youth and as an adult including an opportunity to experience going to different remote places to help minister to people who does not know our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Two years ago, I was given an opportunity to be a part of a mission trip in Mexico with my previous church family in Corona; an orphanage managed by a local church in Mexico. It was a blessing being a part of that mission trip. I experienced how anyone can be used by God to be a blessing to others. The Japan mission trip is another blessing and I am looking forward on God’s plan.

Geraldine Bautista

BEFORE and NOW: Photos from the sea wall


In 2011 we sent two teams following the March tsunami that hit the northern coast of Japan. 30 ft high waves hit the undersized sea wall and rushed unhindered at the row of homes that ran in parallel to the sea wall. Though many structures remained standing their integrity was diminished and they had to be removed. Other homes were destroyed with some homes removed completely from their foundation and relocates hundred’s of feet away.



Today some new homes have been built and others repaired but most dominant is the new sea wall that was increased to over 30 feet hight beyond the height of the tsunami waves.


Heart for Japan


It was 1989 that I first traveled to Japan and fell in love with the people and their country. It is incredible how the Japanese people hold to their traditions and modern technology at the same time. After serving in Japan with my family for a year in 1990 I returned for several short trips the following few years. But then ministry took me a different direction while I served as the Missions Pastor at CC Moreno Valley. It wasn’t unto the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 that I returned with teams from CC Perris Valley. The devastation in the was overwhelming as our teams assisted other ministries with relief efforts in northern Japan on the oceanside area of Ishinomaki called Watanoha-cho. This gentleman in the photo and his mom (right), were those who experienced the loss of their store in the disaster and I was overjoyed to take the photo 2 years later, with my translator, when they reopened their store.

The area is returning with new and restored buildings and homes. The population that reduced by half after the event has returned to almost the same as before the tsunami. However, the people still feel the pain as and loss. When our missionary, Cherry, was speaking to a woman about her being in Japan and our church coming every year since 2011 brought tears to her eyes. Cherry joined Rich and Emi in opening J’s Cafe and CC Ishinomaki, whole we are return each year to support.

There are so many stories I can tell of the people I have met over these years, but I look forward to returning this trip to have new experiences in ministry to tell. I especially expect I will learn something new from the Lord for I am always in his classroom. Follow our upcoming posts as we share about our team and their 2019 mission trip. We leave on August 8 and return August 17th so please keep us in your prayers.


pastor bob

Tsunami destroyed homes 2011

Tsunami destroyed homes 2011

Japan Trip 2019


Hard to believe we have our 14th mission trip to the coastal area of Ishinomaki, Japan planned since the devastating earthquakes and tsunami hit the northern region in 2011. Those images of buildings destroyed, homes torn from their foundations and large boats resting in the middle of a city street will ever be etched in my memory. But most impacting was the pain of the people we ministered to.

The buildings are now repaired or rebuilt. The population has returned. Businesses reopened or are new. But ministry to the people continues. What began as a relief effort has been for several years a church plant meeting in the cafe that we and other teams established. At first a building was acquired as a place to feed and comfort the community and today continues to be a place of outreach and home for Calvary Chapel Ishinomaki. The couple leading this ministry were residents of Japan and three years ago we sent our own Cherry Oqundo to serve along side them. You can read earlier blog posts to read of the more recent trips we have taken.

In this coming trip we will continue to faithfully support the work that was begun and come alongside those who continually serve the community of Ishinomaki. You prayers are so appreciated for our missionaries, our coming trip and most importantly for the Japanese people.

If you would like to join us for our next mission trip August 8-17, 2019 please contact Mario our missions coordinator. We presently have ten going but always will welcome others. Don’t delay as flight tickets will be purchased in June.


pastor Bob

Japan Mission 2018 - Meet the Tanakas!

Meet the Tanaka family: Tom, Dianne, Nathaniel (17) and Natalie (13). We have been attending and serving in Calvary Chapel churches for the last 20 years and Calvary Chapel Perris Valley for about a year and a half. Tom works in the medical field and Dianne has been homeschooling for 12 years. Tom and Dianne have served in a divorced & separated group support ministry, in children’s ministry with preschoolers, missions support, and in prayer groups. Tom has always had a heart for missions. We originally found Calvary Chapel Perris Valley on the internet and were specifically interested in their focus on missions. Tom has had opportunities to participate in medical missions and short term mission trips to the Philippines and Mexico. More recently, Nathaniel participated in his first mission trip to San Vicente, Mexico and he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve along with his dad.

In Japan, Pastor Bob has assigned us to work along with the team in teaching English to the Japanese children. Dianne is very excited for this opportunity and especially for the opportunity to experience a mission trip with the entire family. We ask that you pray that we would be fully equipped by the Lord to minister His love to these children in His Spirit. Tom’s first language was Japanese but he has forgotten most of it over the years. Please pray that the Lord would bring to his remembrance the Japanese language that he might use it as needed for ministry. Nathaniel requests that you pray that we would touch the lives of the Japanese people we meet. This is Natalie’s first mission trip and first time traveling out of the country. Please pray for faith and courage to trust in the Lord throughout the trip. One of our favorite verses is “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15. We are thankful the Lord has opened this door for our family to serve together.

Japan Mission 2018 - Meet Hannah!


Hi, my name is Hannah Arenales and I am 19 years old. I was raised in a God fearing family with parents that focused on being planted in the Word and living as true followers of Christ.

Since I was very young my parents have always been a part of the Mexico mission trips, translating, and fundraising to support the teams going. Their participation with the Mexico mission trips have heavily influenced me to want to reach those in foreign countries and show them the love of The Lord. I have always felt a heavy desire to go to Asian countries and doing whatever The Lord wills for me.

I don't know how The Lord will use me during this Japan mission trip but I would like to continue what has been started by the missionaries and the work we have done over the past few years. I hope that I will grow a deeper and stronger faith, as well as, more of a dependence in Him than in myself. I don't know what's going to happen during this trip but I'm excited for the things we have planned so far. Any prayers for the team and the people we interact with would be greatly appreciated.

2018 Japan Mission Trip Scheduled


You may contact our Mission Administrator with any questions by calling (951) 943-5979, ext. 10 or by email.  We do suggest you first download the Japan Mission Booklet as many answers are there.

Also review past posts of our 2017 Mission trip to Japan Blog.

Every been to Japan?  Ever been to Japan in the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming? If you were to travel to Japan on a vacation the cost could be well over $6000 for two people.  But what if you could travel to Japan for ten (10) days at half the cost and at the same time be serving the Lord furthering the Gospel?  

Do we have your attention?  Well it is possible and the dates to join us are April 5-15, 2018.  The cost is estimated at $1500 per person and includes airfare and in-country travel and housing, s well as some sightseeing.  True, you will not be experiencing a 5-star lifestyle but you will experience spiritual growth, faith building while having personal contact with the people of Japan working alongside Japanese Christians and missionaries.

Where do you start?  Sign-up HERE on our event page.  Christin our Missions Administrator will then email you all the documentation and instructions on what to do next.  But get started right away as there is limited space and there is a lot of interest. Also, you will want to download a Japan Mission Booklet that gives you a greater understanding of this mission.  

Japan - Being Flexible & Trusting God

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you" (Ps. 9:10).

Coming on this mission trip takes, what feels like, a huge amount of faith and trust in the Lord. To know that some things may go wrong or not as planned but to be able to stop and say "It's okay, The Lords got this". As a team, I have found that no matter what has been thrown our way we have been willing to follow wherever The Lord and Pastor Bob takes us. 

I found that while doing missionary work we can often become so distracted with what we're doing or by our own exhaustion that we forget to have our own time with The Lord. We then lack the spiritual "food" that keeps us strengthened and protected during our ministry. It is up to us to keep each other and ourselves accountable to spend time with The Lord daily. Through these study's together and individually we are able to feel the presence of The Lord no matter where we are or what is going on. He guides us our steps and protects us as long as we stay faithful and seek after him.

Hannah Arenales

Japan - Being Used by God

Being the youngest on the team, I went on this trip not really knowing if I would be able to minister to the people of Japan. I doubted my ability to speak to people and my knowledge of the Bible. But so far, during this trip, God has proved me wrong. I handed out flyers, and some people even came up to me to get one. I was at J's Cafe, and I got to teach English to a Japanese girl who was my age. I think God is showing me that you only need a willing heart to do His work, and He will take care of the rest. God is really the one who is doing the work through us, we are just His instrument. It doesn't matter what age you are, because God can use anyone who simply wants and is willing to do something for Him.

Natalie Tanaka

Japan Team Returning home


All but two members of our team has never been to Japan before.  Most of the team has never been out of the country.  Hannah Arenales came for the first time last year, so this is here second trip.  My wife lived here in 1990-1991 when we served here and later came back over 10 years ago.  Traveling can effect people in different ways especially when it is across the Pacific ocean.  This team all did well. 

Returning from a mission trip can effect a person even more.  Now having given of themselves to serve others in a foreign land there is a new perspective on the world.  A perspective that is alien to most Christians unless they have taken a similar trip. 

Having taken over a hundred mission trips the response of my fellow Christians typically fall into two camps.  Those who ask, "How was your trip,?" only to change the subject as soon as you say, "wonderful" or "it was awesome," There there are those you ask and follow with attentive eyes waiting to understand and maybe get a hint what it may be like for them.  There is a third camp consisting of people that didn't realize you left though they were made aware you were leaving on a mission trip.  This camp asks, "Weren't you going on a mission trip somewhere?"  "Yep, that was a couple weeks ago,"  I'd  respond.  "Oh," is the usual embarrassed response. I once got that question after my family and I had been gone for a year in Japan.  

As our team returns which camp will you fall in?  Will your question be small talk as if about the weather or will you be interested in the details of what God did in that team member?  Which camp you are in can make all the difference on how the Lord is able to minister to you personally.  You see, a part of the mission is sharing testimony of what the Lord has done.  When Paul and Barnabas returned from their first mission they gave report with those in Antioch who sent them.  So be ready to listen, learn and be uplifted by their testimony.  Be ready to receive.


pastor Bob

Japan- Team travels to Sendai

Team waiting for Shinkansen to arrive at Ueno Station

Team waiting for Shinkansen to arrive at Ueno Station

A part of our mission that every team enjoys is the 2 hour ride on the Shinkansen (often called the Bullet Train) traveling from Tokyo or Ueno to Sendai to the north.  

This part of the trip comes by way of a 5-day pass that we use to travel on any JR train line, including the Shinkansen.  

It is an amazingly smooth ride in comfortable reclining seats.  Its cheaper than flying and more enjoyable as the train speeds by open farm land between the few cities it stops at.

Watch the video below for a taste of the ride.  The video is not sped up.  

Natalie Tanaka's photo of team on Shinkansen

Natalie Tanaka's photo of team on Shinkansen

Ride on the Shinkansen for 60 seconds of the typical 2-hr trip it takes to ride from Ueno to Sendai. 

Learning English with Izumi

NV Izumi.JPG

While the team was staying at the cafe last night and getting to know the others, a girl named Izumi came in with her mother. After being introduced, Izumi came and sat with a few of us at one of the tables. Though she was very reserved and didn't speak English, thanks to the help of Haruki - a young woman from the church who was sitting with us - we were able to find out a few things about her. She was 13 years old, was in her first year of junior high, played ping pong, and enjoyed listening to the band NEWS.

Over time, some had to leave or were needed elsewhere, and only myself, Natalie, and Nathaniel were able to stay with her. When Rich came over and they began to go over English pronunciation, it was an incredible sight to witness. He had a great way of explaining the correct pronunciation of different sounds in the words they went over and as such she was able to pick up on things even easier. Initially, we felt a little less helpful when Rich left us to it in comparison due to our inability to speak Japanese. However, she was very smart and did extremely well after a bit of repetition, thankfully opening up a bit more as well. Though we had to part when Emi, Rick's wife and Izumi's tutor arrived, we were thankful we got to spend time with her and grateful for how blessed the kids are to have Rich and Emi as their excellent English teachers.

- Nick Viste

Lunch with Yuki and Hikari

2 little girls.jpg

I was presented with a wonderful oppurtunity to meet these two young girls at the school in Kawaguchi. Their names were Yuki Ishita and Hikari Ootsuka. Though initially presented with a tough language barrier, I was able to break down walls through hand signals. The staff at the school did some translating for me so I was able to learn their names and ages. We ate lunch together, and proceeded to build a tower out of a water bottle and a few little juice bottles. The kids are not usually allowed to do this, and I got a few looks from the staff. The girls were excited as the tower got taller and taller and giggled at the finished product. Once our meal was concluded, I tried to get them to play rock, paper, scissors, though they initially shied away from the idea. I persisted and finally broke them down and we played many rounds. These girls were masters of the game and I never was able to actually win. As our time wound down with the kids, I packed up and was waiting in line to use the restroom. While I was waiting, the girls came up to me and presented me with an origami dove representing good luck in future travels. They proceeded to give me hugs, which is normally frowned upon in Japanese customs. When the time came for us to say goodbye, it was tough one. I am currently in prayer about doing a month long trip to work with the school in the future.

Hunter Morris

Japan Team - Tokyo


Pastor Chizuo preparing team.

The few days in Tokyo were for the support of two pastors and their ministries.  The first was with pastor Chizuo of Calvary Chapel Kokubunji.  We joined with members of his church to hand out flyers for a Saturday evangelistic outreach and concert at his church that is less than 50 yards from the train station.  There was opportunity for some sharing of the faith and Hunter got into a conversation with a Jehovah Witness couple.  


Puppet Witnessing

The team brought puppets which Pastor Chizuo said was effective in getting the people's attention.  Japanese will typically not look at you when you reach out with a flyer, but because they first see the puppets their focus is disrupted for a moment opening a window to hand them a flyer.  Since kids love the puppets, their parents are more willing to receive a flyer.  


Pastor Kaz sharing with children

The second opportunity was a new one with a long time friend, Kaz Sekine, a pastor in Tokyo who is the chaplain of a private Christian daycare, pre-school and kindergarten located in Kawaguchi, an area northeast of Tokyo by 40 minutes.  The school has approximately 180 children who are loved and taught the Bible and given a stable environment in their early years. 

The area of Kawaguchi has a high amount of broken homes, parents with drug and alcohol abuse, and other family related issues that can and have affected the children.  At times some parent(s) have even failed to pick up their child for a couple of days, so the school offers facilities to care for the children. Ministry to these children gives them stability and an introduction to Jesus. 

Pastor Kaz, the team and the puppets started the day off with morning worship for the kids. When the team and puppets went amongst the kids there was a uproar of excitement.  What a joy it was to see these children smile and get so excited to touch the puppets and interact with the team. 


The team was then invited to participate in a Japanese traditional Tea Ceremony. Because many of the children have unstable homes they lack many of their cultural traditions.  The school ensures these traditions are passed on.  We will be sharing some of the team’s testimonies in the next post and the special experience this was to them.  

This new opportunity has opened a door for our teams in the future to return and be blessing as well as being blessed. There is also an invitation for some longer mission work at the school in the future.

Travel Japan - Trains

As Californians trains are a seldom used mode of travel, but in Japan and especially in Tokyo it is the way of travel.  Yes, cars are well driven here but it is the commuter train that keeps the city moving.  

While in Tokyo for three days our team will be traveling to our Air BnB house on the east of Tokyo in Iriya to Kokubiunji station to the west.  

The Team waiting for a train take time for a photo.

The Team waiting for a train take time for a photo.

Train travel can be relaxed and comfortable at times but during rush hour can be as uncomfortable as a sardine can. 

Train travel can be relaxed and comfortable at times but during rush hour can be as uncomfortable as a sardine can. 

Escalator in train station take you through the multiple levels with the station.

Escalator in train station take you through the multiple levels with the station.

Trains in Japan are amazingly efficient and always on time.  At first it seems confusing and maybe even  scary but with a little time the confusion reveals a well thought out and negotiable way to travel Japan.   Hunter has an iPad with a JR Train Line map as we traveled our route from Iriya on the west side of Tokyo to Kokubunji on the west side of Tokyo.  This entailed a one-stop computer train, a 10 minute 4 stop ride from Ueno to Tokyo station and then a 60 minute ride on the "Rapid" train to Kokubunji.  

The team did very well keeping together and attentive to the changes.  They each have a 5-day train pass that allows them on all JR trains and even the Shinkansen (bullet Train) for when we travel north to Ishinomaki.

The Mission has begun-ventures in missions

Ventures in Missions

The Team

The Japan Mission Team caught their morning flight out of LAX today.  It was not without a little tension as there was some error in the ticketing that did not allow the team to check in online and was an issue when we arrived at the ticket counter at LAX. This error became an issue at the counter as they had to override the ticketing for each one of us though all were on the same conformation number.  

In Line at LAX

So delayed we were at the ticket counter and getting to customs which was smooth but for one of our team members  that had to have his bag looked at.  This is not an issue typically but when you have a number of people ahead of you to have their bags checked and you are already delayed due to ticketing, this becomes an inconvenience that can test your patience.  Then there is the added surprise that though we were at the new Delta terminal 2 we had to take a tram to catch our flight at the Bradley Terminal at the end of the airport.  This adding more time to our present delay.  No fears, the team was composed and we all got to the plane just at the tail of the boarding.  

Traveling can have its moments and this was a minor one. Yet it will be a learning opportunity reminding us that we must always be ready, flexible and trusting the Lord.  Continue to pray for us and keep watch as the team members share their experiences and thoughts on this blog.