Pray for Japan


The prayer of believers is THE key to turning a dark nation such as Japan to the light and love of Christ. It is not the sending of missionaries, it is not the collection of offerings to support missionaries, nor is it the dedicated work of missionaries that will impact an unreached individual, community, or nation — but it is by the power of the prayers of believers — the body of Christ.

It is by our prayers that God will awaken and raise up believers to go as missionaries. It is by our prayers that the Spirit will stir hearts to support the work of missions. And it is by our prayers that Christ will transform the world through the lives and work of missionaries.

A simple prayer, fervent from the heart, is all that is needed. You don’t have to be a bible scholar, a pastor, or a theologian. All it takes is a childlike faith.

As with any unreached people groups, there are language barriers, cultural obstacles, and personal issues that may impede the message of the gospel. Pray for our missionaries in Japan — Cherry, Rich and Emi. Pray for the individuals they have formed relationships with and for those they come in contact with. Pray for the community of Ishinomaki in which they are planting seeds of faith. And pray for the nation of Japan.

Tom Tanaka, Team Member