Discipleship School

It all started when…

Our pastor was the Missions Pastor at CC Moreno Valley. He sought to prepare people to serve whether it be to serve in a greater way even if at another fellowship of believers, or and in the future send out from the church as a missionary or maybe in a path for full time ministry. What began at CC Moreno Valley as the School of Ministry continued for 13 years, under the care of two other pastors that followed, then eventually moved to CC Perris Valley as Discipleship School. It has produced an abundance of fruit over these years and started many on a path of service.

The school is focused on three primary aspects of the Christian’s life, their relationship with God, their relationship with His Church and their relationship with the world.

Before you download a brochure and registration form read a few testimonies. School starts in February so get registered soon.

“The School of Ministry (now Discipleship School) was the beginning of my academic and ministerial journey. The school gave me a great foundation on which to build from. I highly recommend for anyone looking to serve the Lord in a higher capacity to attend this school.” Chris Whaley, Pastor of College & Young Adults at Elk Ridge Baptist Church – Stephenville, TX

“When I first came to Christ I had lots of questions. The answer was simple. In order for me to grow and learn more I had be willing and able to do so. The opportunity came when Discipleship School opened up. Every week I learned something new. The more I was taught, the more I was able to share with others.” Albert Olivas, Men’s Ministry Leader

“I attended one of the early School of Ministry sessions in 2000-2001. Looking back, I can say, it helped lay a foundation in my life as a Christian and as a servant. I was challenged and taught how to be disciplined in my relationship with God by learning so many aspects of different ministries within the church and definitely prepared and equipped me to walk in my calling. Whether you’re young in the faith or you’ve been walking with the Lord for a long time I would highly recommend and encourage Invest yourself for the 9 none months of Discipleship School.” Sammy Martinez, assistant pastor at CC Moreno Valley.

“Attending the discipleship course alongside my husband was a beautiful experience as we were able to support one another. After a couple weeks of starting I wanted to quit, because of work and effort required, but my husband Juan Carlos encouraged me to keep going and Pastor Bob didn't let me give up. I definitely was enlightened on the weaknesses and strengths of every single person and it provided us the tools that we need to serve God. . I recommend it because it affects your life in the greatest way, even more taking the course as a couple. Its the best investment of time and effort.” Silvia & Juan Carlos Aquino, Serving with The Grove Community Spanish Ministry.