About Men's Discipleship

As you may have noticed we do not have a weekly Men's Study on our weekly schedule. This is because the Lord spoke to our pastor and said, "I want men that minister not a men's ministry."  

In the Gospel we see Jesus call twelve men to follow him. What this entailed was more than attending a regular meeting or some classes.  The men that responded experienced a life change that impacted their whole world and perspective of God.  In the book of Acts we see Paul joined by Silas, Timothy, Titus and others who learned by watching and participating in Paul's ministry.  Men's Discipleship follows these examples and principles of discipleship.  

Men's Discipleship consists of multiple small groups of men invited by our pastor to join him to learn and grow in study and service.  They are men who desire to be challenged in their faith or believe there is a greater calling on their life in ministry. The men experience different aspects of service within the church with various opportunities to grow and use their gifts that may lead to greater oversight of an outreach or ministry, teaching opportunities,  or traveling on a mission trip. 

So how do you participate in Men's Discipleship?  Pray, as it is a commitment to God's leading.  Next, share with pastor your interest by emailing him.