Teen Ministry Philosophy

Some believe Teen Ministry is for entertaining teens with all sorts of outings, amusement park trips and the like. “Keep them busy so they don’t get in trouble”, “give them a safe Christian environment so they are not tempted”, or just “keep them distracted and entertained”. However, the purpose of the Church is to make disciples, and this includes our young people. Outings that are purely entertainment provide little opportunity for personal and spiritual discipleship. Our goal is not to keep our youth corralled with Christian entertainment or to protect them from the world, but instead, to build their spiritual immunity to it.

CCPV’s Youth Group approach is simple: disciple our young people in God’s Word with the goal of establishing a firm personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is in harmony with Jesus’ command to disciple all nations. (Matthew 28)

What’s Important

Ask yourself, “What was the most important thing to you when you were a teen?” The answer is most likely having friends and being accepted. Friendship and acceptance are oftentimes seen as more important than sports, video games, education or fun activities. So, we first seek to establish a place within CCPV’s youth group where our teens can make friends and be accepted, no matter who they are. Whether quiet or shy, talkative or opinionated, athletic or intellectual, small or tall. . . each young person is unique and adds personality and diversity to the whole of the group.

Our youth group meets Friday nights from 7-9pm and on Sundays during each service. All middle school and high school ages are welcome. There are activities to participate in, some organized and some not organized, and there is always time of Bible study and personal ministry. Our studies are practical and to the point, and there is still plenty of time just to “chill” with others.

What’s Next

In addition to Sundays and Fridays, we have special opportunities for small group discipleship for teens who demonstrate a level of maturity and desire to grow in their relationship with the Lord. This discipleship covers three areas of the Christian walk: building an assurance in their personal life with Christ; giving them a healthy foundation of the Bible; and opening their understanding of ministry and serving the Lord. Those teens participating commit to regular meetings, reading of material and completing assignments, with opportunity to serve and disciple other teens in small groups or individually.

Getting Out

Our outings are not the typical youth group entertainment trips. Our outings are to promote unity, friendship, acceptance, confidence and team building, as well as opportunities to serve and grow together. 

Each year we join other youth groups for a winter retreat.  We also have other great events planned for our teens, some focused upon ministry and missions, for those called and ready.