0-3 yrs

Children start learning from the time they are born. Babies and Toddlers are special to us in Kidz Town. We have a ministry of purpose. Our class time is filled with cool activities, music,snack time. Our caregivers are loving, caring and patient. Every month there is a parent page that provides you with fun activities to do at home. Our Nursery is open during every service.


early childhood


We help our Kidz discover who God is in a fun way. They listen to learn, play to learn, and talk to learn. Our class time features bible teaching, block time, pretend play, fun games, puppet shows that are all focused on our daily lesson. Every Sunday there is a Parent page that reinforces the lesson being learned. It gives you creative ways to spend time with your children throughout the week.

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1st-6th Grade

Our gatherings are fun, age appropriate, and interactive. Children learn the Word from Genesis-Revelation.

Kidz Store Kidz earn points in our monthly Kidz Store that’s full of toys. There are also items for them to give to the homeless and those in need.

Kidz Serving Kidz are given the opportunity to serve as Ushers, Greeters, Sound and in Cleaning Ministry. They are responsible and grow tremendously in the LORD.