Sunday Gatherings

8:30am // 10:15am


jesus style

Our Sunday gatherings are engaging and interactive. We model the teaching of Jesus, who taught in boats, sea shores, in houses, the synagogue. He used parables, illustrations, and he taught by example when he washed the disciples feet. It was different from the average teacher of his day.

how we do it

We do everything big in Kidz Town. All children learn different ways and on different levels. Kidz learn by listening, visually, hands on, and by telling. We don’t want Kidz Church to be like school so we minister to our Kidz on their level by doing skits, arts and crafts, journal writing.


Wednesday Night (Disciple Town)


Disciple Town

3 yR. Discipleship program

At Disciple Town our main focus is on discipling our Kidz. We have a 3 year discipleship program that is fun every night. Kidz learn how to find bible verses, they participate in hands on activities that help them grow in the LORD.

exciting calendar

Every night Kidz can expect something new and exciting. Things like crazy hair night, dress like your favorite bible hero, pizza and movie night and the Kidz Store. Wednesday nights’ is something you don’t want to miss! Bring your child every night to be discipled.


digital check-in

We have a Children’s Ministry check-In system that makes it safe and secure for parents to check their Kidz in and out of class. On your first visit you may want to come a little early so you will have time to register your child into our system. Every time you come after that you will simply check-in by typing your name in the system and hitting the check-in button. We look forward to seeing you!